TopShelfs trees

Gonna get this up here and get things going since I keep procrastinating. Right in the middle of a grow atm but that’s where I’m forced to start, these are Pink God from JOTI. ! image|666x500


Nice place to start. Beautiful.


Better late than never, Ill tag along got my chair and popcorn​:popcorn:, what strains are you running, the plants look really good :sunglasses:

Happy growing :seedling:


These are Pink God , God Bud + Pink Kush, So far I’ve narrowed it down to four phenos from 31 in the beginning. These are the winners thus far, strong, Stanky beasts each in their own right, those were the earliest pics I had of this run.


this was a couple of days later.


this is appx. F-18 , still getting used to this new style, I was a soil/soilless guy for many years, then switched to Ebb and Flow Hydro for about 1&1/2 years before quitting growing for 5 years when legalization came. I have a small but loyal crew I’ve worked with for a lot of years and we keep treasured cuts, and create new ones as often as possible, love pheno hunting and finding gems. Nothing like finding a diamond and seeing what you can do with it and keep it around indefinitely.


I run a couple of tents. Veg & Bloom , my lights are RayonLED 720w with UV (still learning and experimenting with this UV thing) Current Culture XL-13 and a current culture solo pro 35-6 or 8 site for my veg , my veg is also my mother room, and I have one more mother room off site. I also use CO2 and have
my site equipped with a lot of automation so far. RDWC is a huge learning curve, HUGE. But I’m loving it this far. And have a close friend/crew member who started at the same time with similar products so we are learning together. Trying to get him on here too with little luck this far.


I’ll get some more pics, some vids and the veg site also after it is sterilized and set back up. I fully sterilize as much as humanly possible between grows. Especially in my veg room.


@Floyd @Budafly thank you :pray:t2:


I like trying different methods, mediums myself. Keeps it interesting. Never tried RDWC yet, but who knows.


@Floyd It’s fun learning to me, and gaining new insights from each method for the next, the knowledge available for growing is overwhelming to say the least, so I prefer to kind of start from scratch with no bias, check out ALL products I can, buy what I personally think is the best for me and my needs, my budget and my style. Then with basic knowledge of that medium …… DIVE RIGHT IN! This I will admit was the most overwhelming by far. And growing isn’t cheap , but this one was a bit over the top for sure. I’d recommend RDWC to anyone, only a couple real grows in RDWC under my belt but the familiarity is almost there now. The speed of growth is off the charts though, and figuring out root pruning is scary to me


What we don’t get 1000 photos of a seedling? :joy:

Looks good!


Sadly, no my friend, sorry to disappoint :sweat_smile:


Well looks like you have it figured out. Look forward to seeing some more pics further on.


Daytime temps are 81
Nighttime temps are 70-73
Humidity @ 53 right now. But will gradually come down throughout flower until appx. 35-40% RH
Co2 1400ppm

Ppm @700
Water temp 69

Still playing with UV schedule (open to any input gladly)


a little bud porn from a previous grow I’m smoking right now, wedding cake VF, ( vanilla frosting pheno ) can’t get enough of this stuff, truly I took her to WAY amber it’s like a heavy , pure indica, potent, dank, but in a way I’m not used to “dessert dank” it’s absolute fire :fire: IMO and I know I stressed her to the max trying to learn this new method. Was/am thoroughly impressed (sorry , best quality close-up I could get. My phone does not like close-ups AT ALL)


You are JUST as your Handle implies…Top Shelf, indeed!!! Kindly clear me a spot in that far right corner, aim to sit a spell and take in the sights. I must say, “WHAT A VIEW!!” Continued success, stay safe, take special care, and be well…mister :honeybee: :100: x’s 2 :pray: :heart_eyes: NOTE: Keep a :fire_extinguisher: handy!!!


Yum that sounds :yum:


I’m all ears I’ve watched the vids for hydro just never made the investment but it looks to be so vigorous

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Nice bushy and uniform!