Question about auto

Hey guys this happens to me alot during end of flower with autos I dont know whether it’s light burn,nute burn or a def,and it only happens with my autos I do try to use alot less nitrogen during flower I use bc nutes with pro mix,the leaves start turning yellow with green veins and it’s mostly just fan leaves and the leaf stems turn purple and are very easy to pick outwhich I read could be a nitrogen def,but also could be light burn,I also realize ot could jist be end of life but the pistils are just turning Orange


If it was light burn it would be mostly on the top of the plants not low down.

Looks like they are just hungry and cannabalising the fan leaves. I would just up the food a bit more on your next run depending on how long they have left now, if it’s more than a few weeks give them some more now.


What is your feeding schedule ? What ratios npk

You should be feeding in pro mix every watering ,

They are hungry yelling FEED ME ( in the voice from little shop of horrors lol )



If your going to feed low N at this stage and boost the K

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Yup that’s a hungry plant. Just wondering what your ph is cos if it’s out by much the plants cant uptake the nutrients properly and can appear to be underfed.
I have to use calmag which contains enough N to stop plants cannibalizing themselves.
I have one just now looking a bit like that but that’s because it’s almost finished and I’ve been flushing it for 6 days now.


Wot they all say :point_up:
It’s either ‘a lock-out’ of nutes or medium too wet. Or N and Phos starved. It’s eating the leaves as it’s either not able to take any or there isn’t any feed in the soil …
Just your autos you say - can you show a pic or two of the regular plants compared to them , plus what lights and light-schedule you’re running the autos with ?
Could be a combination of light burn and nute deprivation - Good luck,
Happy growing,