Fade too early?

First time with LED and autos. Day 61 now. Growing in FFOF and lightwarrior. Watering every 3 days. PH 6.5 to 7. Just water until day 35 and plant looked great. Started megacrop w sweet candy. Tap water. Plant is a little slower than I thought but seems ok for strain. Guessing its a 75-90 day.

Starting around day 55 it turned a much lighter green/yellow. Buds look ok, and quite frosty. But leaves are dying kind of fast off the bottom and growth seems slow. Thought maybe its a buildup of the megacrop and sweet candy in the medium so switched to floranova bloom which I know works well with my tap water and soil. Not a huge improvement.

Im thinking I need to go with just water for now. Also thinking it could be a calmag difficiency. Do autos or LED require more? Didnt seem to be an issue on my outdoor autos but they finished at day 60. I used tap water first 40 days and then switched to 50% r/o, 50% tap. So could be less calmag from tap.

Any other diagnosis or think switching to water only is good for now? I see a lot of pictures of autos that are super yellow when flowering so maybe its partly the ruderalis? Or LED.


It could be magnesium, or it could just be the plant cannabilizing its older leaves as it focuses on building buds. I would try a single feeding with a half teaspoon of epsom salts added to the Megacrop.


I had a few autos do this on Megacrop too. Bumping up the feed is usually the Megacrop answer to deficiencies, but that didn’t help. Flushing makes it worse. The buds still turned out ok.


You are getting solid advice above, my only point is clean out the crispy brown and damaged leaves. They can be a source for other problems later.



they look hungry to me


You are ph ing the water in soil? Soil doesn’t need it, it has a natural buffer. I would water to run off with tap water once or twice then proceed with flower nutes and tap water. I leave a bucket out over night for the chlorine to evaporate first.

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