Random Grow Room Shots

First up is a Chocolate Funk bud shot. Seed supplied by @MAHAKALA

Choc Funk, Fast Pheno
Day 81 11/13


Half a joint of Killer A5 Haze 3 month old cob burns like dynamite fuse!
It doesn’t have to be pretty :stuck_out_tongue:


looks a lil foxtailing, but whatever if u like the smoke :joy:


Looking nice, it looks like there’s a touch of grinspoon about it.

A while back i had something with a similar trait.


What’s your thing against foxtails?


Lol, my guy, it’s a Haze! :laughing::bear:
@StickyBandit that cob looks absolutely wild. 10/10 will attempt… when I have a surplus of weed.


I know what you’re saying. That’s like 4 1/2 oz prime bud right there :stuck_out_tongue:
Expands well in the grinder


Kali China cut 2 days ago


Green apple pheno of Chocolate Funk, chopped just now


Cutting the Hairy Pheno tomorrow


i love foxes, i love tails. but i don’t like this shit is going on with my plant lol

isnt it citric? like citric sour apple?

its thai haze, so it will foxtail from seed. but if you can find shorter flowering pheno, and run it from cut with that ph will be balanced all the time, temps will not be high and no excessive N in feeding, then you can get buds without foxtailing. you just have to know how to do that. this is not easy to grow like dosidos… but if it is managed, it pays off in wonderful magic type of effect…

with longer flowering phenos of choc funk, you will get foxtails still, even from cut. but that is not something what haze lovers would mind, as they are interested in effect mainly, tasty ones are just another plus.

if you are indica lover, it is natural you will not grow choc funk… you cant get indica from it ever hahahaa.


but I tell you, when I sieve resin, I prefer buds with opened structure, not those rounded golf balls.


It’s not as much sour apple as it was a few weeks back. It’s like you say, it’s starting to get more choc now but it has fuel also and still some apple but not sure if it’s citric. It has some similar undertones to the Mindblower.


oh yes, they have same father, but minblower is easier to grow? yes?

that sour apple looks like crazy thaihaze, of course you will see after smoking, but looks wild hehehehe

looking forward to your and your wife smoke impressions.


Yep, there is lots of fuel. It’s hard to keep her from it :stuck_out_tongue:


hehehe lady needs fuel to go :smiley:

I had some girlfriends, they smoked with me, kept it up with me to the point I was surprised, but ought to say they got lil´ mad on hazes hahaha.

but in the past I smoked a lotsa diesel, ogk and many hybrids of them… I remember that I finished triangle kush, hash from it is exclusive dont get me wrong, but the effect of bud is too heavy. also when I was chopping it I had to puke, so strong fuel terps. nasty heheheh. and I had some fucking session in hotel, with one girl from work… we went to bathtube and smoked some some triangle kush hahahaha. it knocked us off and we were not able to get up from bath tube… the water was cold already and we didnt realize it, finally it happened and we got to bed, none of us wanted any playing, and both of us felt asleep very quickly ahahaha, some bad atmospheric pressure or what… hahahaha. after 3 hours I woke up and finally fucked her, it was good.

also I remember that once I smoked glue with different girl, and a while after smoking she said what about some sex… I was like what? we smoked glue right now, but she insisted on it LOL I felt like gorilla during it, no joke, like some too strong beast, crazy and I tell you I have no desire to feel like that.

I prefer sexfun on hazes :smiley:


Hahaha that’s some funny stories. We’re married for a long time now and 2 grown kids living at home so we can’t be too loud and adventurous. I’m a light weight and only smoke occasionally but my wife and daughter smoke about 5 times a day for many years now without fail. My son only smokes after work or out with mates :slight_smile:

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?? I thought the purpose of cob curing was NOT to grind it up? I’m pretty sure the long burn comes from the compression - grinding kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it? I could be wrong… but I’ve always cob cured in a mold so I didn’t have to break it up. Cannagar style.

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