Real deal MAC1 (CAPS CUT) give away need help building an wifi automated watering system set-up

Wuts up og Idk if this is allowed lol but i need semi pro help building a wifi automated watering system in my grow area(soil) (Reservoir design tubing and everything)
Who ever has the knowledge and experience and can help me build and design it
I will give them a free cut of mac1 (caps cut)
And pay for shipping also


I wish I knew haha


Hi @GremlinMan , I merged these since the questions were very similar. Hope you don’t mind.


I just built one of these for myself. I’m not soil… rather soilless (coco peat perilite mix) but I built an automated watering system. And use a wifi outlet to set feed times so it waters multiples times a day. I don’t need the cut. If your looking for something that sounds like that I can walk you through or help troubleshoot


I’d be happy to give you some advice I manage to run a half acre veggie farm that runs of solar powered timers and has several different types of irrigation set ups in place
It’s not to complicated the main thing is figuring out how much you want to give them per day and getting the proper admitters to hit that mark. In regards to the wirelesss part as long as you have a wireless set up it shouldent be to much different to hook up then a normal one you just gain the ability to control and check on things from your phone .