Root aphid organic fix

Hello, my root aphids are back with a vengeance. I have tried almost everything and anything, hypoapsis mites, roves, lacewings, met45, beauvaria, azamax, even tried a pyrethrin when I was really running out of hope. If anyone has an IPM that is effective, that would be a huge saving grace for me!

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Tough fight. Good luck. We used fire.


how did you use fire lol??

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I think I just need to get my IPM going on a biweekly basis. Maybe get a new batch of rove beetles, those seem to do pretty well.

Does DME work on root aphids? I haven’t used it yet, myself.

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This is something from my notes on the Recycled Organic Living Soil thread.


You can try a few things or combine them.

They don’t like neem but it won’t kill them.

I’m pretty sure a heavy dose of Quillaja powder extract with Castile soap could work



Plants all got burned. Complete teardown. Sometimes its better to start fresh.

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I am making seeds so I can stop growing long enough for them to die off. I have been fighting them for over a year. Cooked all the grow material in the oven I recycled. I hate the little fuckers.


Man I had these things so bad I was throwing full trays of clones out for not rooting. I had to cut down to 2 strains in veg, and spend a ton of money on Flying Skull. You have to do a root drench, and let them sit in the runoff for 30-45minutes. I did that every 5 days until I got to the end of harvest. I then wiped everything out besides my two i treated in veg. I taped all access points in the room from the house, and sevindusted the room. :grimacing: twice. A week in between dustings and re-cleanings. I then cleaned the flower room for an additional 2 weeks aggressively to eliminate any on the sevindust. I would not recommend, as it’s super dangerous to use indoors. Especially without a mask. But in my zoological days, it was staple to keep insects from getting too close to animal enclosures. So I know how to use it.

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They were discussing root aphids at the beginning of the Dude Grows Show and thought I would share with you.

In summary, use a pyrethrum soil drench as a knock down. Follow up with azadirachtin drench to weaken the rest. Finish it off with a biological like botaniguard.

Good luck.


Thank you for this, will report back soon! Much appreciated.


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Nice I will check this out! Must have been a recent podcast.

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Does c02 kill bugs?

The CO2 fumigation method is an effective pest control technique and kills pests at all stages of their cycle (eggs, larvae, and adults). Carbon dioxide treatment is a highly effective way to kill a wide range of insect pests, even those that are traditionally hard to get rid of

1.- Get co2 tank and make your own or Buy dry ice blocks, store in freezer, lasts two days.
Close of area where plants are, place co2 in pan of hot water, close tent or area off, let fog for an hour or so, add more dry ice to keep it foggy on floor, do it everyday for 14 days. Gone

If indoors, use a co2 generator or make your own for indoors or out. outdoors I place one at the base of every plant.

AND from here on out, put a shitton of diatomaceous earth in your soil mix. Never happen again.

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Anybody know if crushed lava rock will control the insects?

Unfortunately not. There isn’t a magic soil ingredient that will prevent and/or cure root aphids.

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Neem leaves, like @CADMAN
just found Azera Gardening

Azera Gardening organic insecticide with two powerful plant extracts from daisies and neem trees. Proven to get rid of hundreds of common garden pests, PLUS the extra hard to kill ones.
Hope those help in some way.

How Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill?

The secret to how diatomaceous earth works is less of a mystery than it might first seem.

The diatom shells within the powdered rock are too small to harm larger animals. But, the shells are big enough to affect soft-bodied bugs.

When a crawling insect comes in contact with the powder, the sharp edges of the diatoms lacerate the waxy coating on the insect’s exoskeleton.

The lacerations, causes moisture to escape the insect’s body. The pests then dehydrate and dies.
The bad news. DE will also kill beneficial insects such as ladybugs and pollinators. Keep this in mind when using Diatomaceous Earth.


And that is why I am wondering if lava rock is sharp enough to cut up the critters like Diatomaceous Earth.