Seed sellers europe

Hi guys, can you recommend me a secure and. Good seed bank? I live in great britain

I have used Attitude with no problems and they are closer to you than me.

Most of my genetics come from ILGM.

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Attitude Seed Bank. 100% Reliable and Fast.

We got our own breeders in Overgrow. @Baudelaire @Subcool and @BogSeeds, you can trust them completely.


There’s a mini-review thread for seed banks over here, which most certainly contains EU vendors.

Also, if you’re going to place an order, you can support Overgrow by using the links in that post – all of those seed vendors are in the EU, and I’ve personally used Seedsman and would order with them again.


Thank you, for the answers

Happy to support our European Overgrowers with discreet and full stealth delivery options.