Seed Banks - Who can we trust?

Ok, after the old OG got taken down, I fell off the cultivation side and went back to being a pure consumer, abit with a much appreciation of fine herb.

Back then we knew, within reason, who we could trust and who took your security as serious as possible.

Today, I’m a babe wandering in the woods.

My question is, who can we go to now?

I dealt with both Seedsdirect and GNirvana back in the day, but are these places still on the up and up? Have new outlets with better product and shipping popped up on the scene? There are still several places here in the US where stealth is not an option, but a requirement.

I’m just trying to get a feel for where I can get what I want for a new grow I’m thinking about in the next few months, and maybe help others with the same question, but dont know how to put it in a post.

Thanks guys.


Either local shop or some with worldwide shipping. Among many, Nirvana Seeds and Seedsman are very reliable and ship practically everywhere… Seedsman has imho pretty large selection.


I’ve ordered from ILGM and Buydutchseeds; had very good results with both.


I have used the single seed center and green point seeds lately and have had great experiences with both.

I’m in AK and I got my seeds from TSSC in 5 days coming from U.K.

Green point was one day faster.

Have ordered multiple times from both and never an issue.


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True north, 420 kingston, the lotus seedbank on instagram. All from canada. Then in the states theres sour patch seeds, seeds here now, neptune seed bank. Lots of places:)


It’s been years since I’ve sent for seeds. Used to use Doc Chronic and was completely happy with it. Anyone know if they are still on the up & up? Fresh out of beans and am thinking about starting over with some fresh F1"s.


A friend of mine bought seeds from a Canadian bank called Crop King. He said strains were very good and very fast in receiving his order. I breed my own so buying seeds is a odd idea. Never bought 1 seed…

Here is another called MSNL, these guys have been around since 1999 selling beans around the world.

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One thing. Fuck crop kingXD youre better off getting seeds from bc bud depotXD


lotus, would you care to explain your dislike for Crop King?


Sup with Crop King? Tell me more.

I googled marijuana seeds on google and buy from them but i can visit the and visit their sponsors.I ended up buying from i purchased train wreck feminized auto flower it was expensive ($75 for 5 seeds) but i guess it’ll be worth it since they guarantee seed shipments to the u.s.a.


First thing is their price. They havnt been around long enough to charge those prices. Second, their seeds are all outta whack. the odd time i got some to germ and they didnt end up with something fucked up it all tasted the same. Third, none of it was very strong. Fourth, the variation is way to crazy. Fifth, why do they only have like 2 or 3 cultivars with names they made and the rest are just popular names? Sixth. they hook you up with more shitty seeds so you can waste more time of your life when you could have gotten something from humboldt seeds for cheaper and probaly even get a keeper from a 3 packXD


I researched Crop King Seeds and found way to many reports that coresponded with Lotus710’s statements. I went through ILGM, Robert Bergman. Nothing but good to say about them, Guaranteed seeds and they are always there to help with any questions, customer service is outstanding!


I guess the truth is somewhere in between.

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Ill send a free pack of crop king with the first order to go out from the lotus seed bank;)


Here’s my list of honest and reliable seed-banks/sellers: Sensible Seeds, Seedsman, Canna-biogen, The Single Seed Center, Ace Seeds (no shipping to US or Canada), Sannie’s Shop, World of Seeds, Tropical Seeds, French Touch Seeds, Vancouver Island Seed Company, Great Lakes Genetics, Oregon Green Seed, and Swami Organic Seeds. Also received seeds from Firestax with no problems, just once, but something happened there, not sure what, that has made me shy. Two bad ones: Ontario Seed Bank and Original Sensible Seeds.


Sorry, I forgot Mr. Nice Seeds.


That is, Mr. Nice is honest and reliable.


Dont go to THCFarmer unless you wanna be treated like crap by the staff.

Edit: I got banned for this today, lol.