🌱 Germination Laboratory @ MadScientist 🌱

You maddddd man!!!

This will be fun to watch


@madscientist you or in the right part of the world to get some landrace sativa.


There some around but nothing that has a real lineage that we can track back to its origin, u know.

Germination starts again at the lab!

Mephisto’s Ripley’s OG, 5 of them will be done in my little propagation tent in 16oz hempy cups.

I like micro growing and since the little tent is available… Not wasting time.

Sci :robot:


None of the Ripley’s germinated, dead seeds. I dunno what is it with Mephisto i cannot get one seed to sprout.

Here we go with some Sweet Seeds - Dark Devil Auto and G13 - Diesel Auto. Will grow 2 of each in my mini tent in 16oz cups in hempys with coir.

I had so much fun with this last cup, i am doing another run just like it.

Sci :robot:


Sometimes those will pop-up in a week or 2 if you plant them. :wink:

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That only means i would still be waiting for those to come out, while these other babies are thriving!

Wish me luck tho, Diesel gets tall, and this is supposed to be another micro grow.

This is it.

No more germination for this year, have to leave the house in Dec, and it’s been fun.

At the new house i am gonna start with a revenge. For now, germinating for 1.5 yrs non-stop was great.

Sci :robot:


Godspeed, little seedlings :seedling: :four_leaf_clover: :cross:
I won’t let him overfeed you :wink:




not much happening in the laboratory lately

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I had to move twice did i tell you bro, the house i moved to had underground ducting and it was broken in the middle, and they wouldn’t allow antennas on the roofs so i had to leave after only 3 weeks of not having internet or cable. I got me another house after that where i am at, and have a very small service room i am using to do a 4x2 ScrOG with 5 plants from S1s off of the Dusted Bud Genetics’ DoSiSlo and Cherry Pine.

I have to rent a little house to do my breeding and tissue culture project at. So i am in the process of getting a place, but need to be real careful with the neighborhood and all…

Your truly Sci.


yes i saw your scrog on IG it looked nice … best wishes with your projects !


Hello peeps!

Gonna be “SEEDS-A-POPPING” fever in my house again!

Here is the line up…

  1. Ghost Train Haze by Rare Dankness
  2. Kosher Kush by Reserva Privada
  3. Bruce Banner by DarkHorse Genetics
  4. Alien Lime Fighter by @MadScientist
  5. Tropicanna Cookies by Oni Seeds
  6. BioDiesel by 303 Seeds
  7. Ninja Fruit by Ocean Grown Seeds (b4 the break up)
  8. Blood Orange by @Bodhi (Not in pic, will go to the PO myself, they wouldn’t give it to my errand boy)

Will be crossing a few of these and ofc the BO for the preservation project! Popping them first of the week!

Cool everyone!

Sci :robot:


Those onis tho…


I always feel that other seeds are missing out when i finally make a choice what is to be grown, its a hard part of the process for me deciding what to pop.
Keep smiling Mad.


Is that it…the indecisiveness? Well then I succumb to this often as well. Maybe that’s why I am germing 4 Canadian Sativa’s, 5 Mendo Blues and 5 Mendo Breaths at the moment…I may have an addiction :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey everyone please go to thread Insane Genetics by @MadScientist

Thanks a bunch!

Sci :robot:



They arrived! This is an amazing project i got going on. Seeds by @copycatgenetics.

I am astonished as to what i got in here, given the work my bro does with these seeds.

First, he gets his hands on the most valued genetics by the best breeders, like Dying Breed, Seed Junky, InHouse and such, and then he selects his favorite pheno to reverse. He offers us the very same genetics at a very low price in S1 form.

  • Slurricane = Purple Punch x DoSiDos
  • Runtz = Gelato x Zkittlez
  • True Chocolate = (Chocolate Diesel x Chocolate Thai) x Chocolate Strawberry

And am gonna fed them co2 this time around, got my little room with 2 - 4x4 tents with A/C 24 hrs. So, might as well crank up the lights and feed carbon dioxide to see what happens. I know i will increase ppMs and PARs.

Wish me luck peeps!



What a great read, so much good stuff :smile:

thanks for taking the time to post all this good info
my friend

I have not planted a bean in awhile and I am having a bit of mixed

results :frowning:

beans are a bit old and my temps have went downs as it is cold outside

such a good read



I have come to realize that running numbers is a lot more work when you have to worry about which way the tap root goes in vs. just dropping a bean in a watering lightly for a few days. I would say that overall the method that offers the best germination rates(in my experience) is simply dropping the seeds in water (making sure to discard the small bits of weed that might be with the seeds), simply wait 3-5 days for some type of reaction which usually happens on either method.

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