Seeds/Clones/Both? Poll. Come help! In the name of science!

Hey all! New to the forum. I read the crazy history and absolutely had to sign up.

I am doing a poll. Just very curious to see a sample size of what people are doing to sustain their needs.

Thanks everyone for dropping by.[poll public=true]

  • Seeder breeder (or orderer) for life yo
  • Cloning like the Clone Wars
  • Bro. I do both. Duh

It all starts with a seed. But then you find a keeper and you start using clones.


I love the actual hunt for outstanding phenotypes.
I like to grow out “strains” from “breeders”, and then keep clones from the plant(s) I prefer.

I really enjoy making my own crosses, and then searching for a keeper(s) from amongst the F1s!
Great fun.
Then I perpetuate clones thereof😎.


Clones day-to-day for keeping flowering area fully occupied …

Seeds to experiment and get some new fresh genetics time to time…



I rarely bring clones into my area. Maybe six years since i have and last time led to spidermites with nuking and it’s own space for a few weeks and i still got f#cked. They must have been some battle hardened buggers. After that last bout i gave up on trusting other people for genetics. I give out a lot of clones, i just don’t take them in.

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Well, I have never had that problem.

The only clones under my lights are the ones that I cut myself. I have been growing and cloning for a long time.

I have never purchased clones…only seeds!
I have only ever grown in States in which cultivation is illegal. So I have never, ever bothered with clones other than my own cuttings.

And the State I currently reside in still has not hashed out how to provide MMJ to it’s qualified citizens.
For shame.


I have access to many different strains in clone form and took advantage for many years but it isn’t worth it for me to risk my own genetics any more. I lost a lot of good genetics of my own chasing what other people had several times.


I have to say that every time I had the opportunity to grow from seeds I was again and again surprised that seed have its very strong vigorosity, vitality and strength. Plants were bigger, yielding much better yield than clones of same genotype.

But this is all paid for by longer time and harder timing - one has to germinate them and pre-veg early with few more repotting phases in my experience.


Having mother room and preparing own clones is a matter of sustainability and safety.

When one has to buy clones, it is better to treat them against common pests and in quarantine for some time. I have seen a lot of crops ruined by pests brought with clones from unverified source.


Both, but mostly clones. But you need to pheno hunt yourself, so seeds are just as important.

Honestly I have never had any serious infections I have an IPM plan in place at all times, I always have on hand miticides and fungicides for almost all pests out there.

The infections I have had are fungus gnats, but that can be traced back to soil, not the clones.

The other infection I got was PM, There were no clones, I had a roof leak and the RH spiked, some equipment tripped, and I was gone fishing for a day or so, and that was from seed stock.

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Start with seeds, select, choose a mother, then clone.

Only time I have had purchesed clones they were infested and had to be quarantined and dipped in filex solution upside down, including the rockwool cube, I used another 2ndry chemical but cant remeber what it was now 20 years on. Any way it killed the spider mites ok. The clones were hidden in a wodden box fan for transport and shipping so the spiders may have been in there but I think they came with on/the clones. Since that day I have only ever made clones myself, if I want new genetics it has to come in from seed stock.

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