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Meet Carmella a 3 year old Chocolate Labrador. I train therapy dogs and she is my current working girl. We visit the local hospitals in my region and hang out at the Children’s cancer unit. Those kids love her and she brings them so much needed happiness.


Rocket a 5 year old American pit bull rescue. 12 hrs. from the gas chamber when we rescued him. Our 3rd dog the other two were labs. This guy is the sweetest most gentle calm dog out of the 3 we have owned. He was in bad shape when we rescued him and we had no idea he would blossom in to such a beautiful dog.


Awesome @SLOGrown. You’re a great human.

Much love @ray! He’s a real handsome guy! Another good guy saved from the executioner. Right on.

That’s Stella, my Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix. She’s been with me since a pup, going on 7 years and we’ve been through hell and back together. She’s the most loyal living being I’ve ever known. Also, the most talented frisbee catcher in the entire universe.

That’s our Louis boy. Named after Louis Armstrong :slight_smile:
He’s a tripod from birth and was a shelter dog who nobody wanted… until my wife and I saw him. Thanks to DMK Rehoming for rescuing him from a Kill Shelter in Houston.
He’s a monster and keeps up with all the other dogs no problem. I will also say, I’m happy to be married but this dog brings more women my way than a Maserati convertible would. Lol. He’s a chick magnet stud!

Lastly an action shot out on the family farm property. Everyone loves being on the prairie!

Stay hazed,


Jake how did you teach Stella to catch a frisbee?

Our first dog was a female chocolate lab and it took me weeks to figure out how to get her to catch the frisbee in flight instead waiting until it landed. It ended up being a game of keep away that inspired her to grab it in flight.

From now on we will get all our dogs from the same high kill shelter we got rocket from.


Hey Ray,
I wish I had a secret training routine… But I don’t.
I think it’s her breed.

She came out of the box knowing how to fetch and her mouth/eye coordination was incredible even at 3 months old.

I believe I have a “keeper” out of the gene pool with her. I didn’t have to train her at all, she’s so smart she picked up on almost everything on first try. That Collie brain is definitely in there.

It sounds like you’re the kind of guy who puts in the work… I’ve been at it for almost a year with Louis with limited success. He has no coordination! Lol.

I bet @SLOGrown has some words on the subject.

Good for you man, I wish everyone adopted. Hopefully someone will read your post about Mr Rocket and find a shelter instead of a puppy mill…

Stay Hazed,


Beautiful animals, you all are very special folks…


My Chocolate lab loved to retrieve but would never wanted to give it back. She wanted you to chase her. One day when she was about 2 years old (had her since a puppy) I decided to throw the ball in the pool and let her go after it. her first ever water retrieve. She did it text book perfect. Swam out , grabbed it, came right back, laid it at my feet turned and got in the ready position. The most focused I ever saw her.

She was the smartest dog I have ever known and very large for a female (105lbs.). In the back ground is Tony a yellow lab male. Tony once ate a 1/4 oz. of Apollo 11 which surprisingly had little effect on him.


Nice thread :slight_smile: we have two female cats recued from one primitive village guy who want to throw them into the fireplace (his method to get rid off kittens from his non sterille cat…) so we take them and they are kind of special :slight_smile: born 1.4.2015, both females, wich at the ginger one is by VET chance about 2% to get female. And the other one is the furrest animal i can pet :)) Names are for ginger Zábava (Fun) and furry one is Práce (Work).

Few weeks old


btw they are sisters from one mother … its evident right? :smiley:


OH my gosh they are cute!

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my crazy cat

and dog


All Uncle MiG respect to all OG people lovin owners of rescued animals!!!
@SlowGrow have too all my respect as “Terapia y Asistencia” dog trainer… I have rescued a lot of Dogs durin my life… Learnin Dog trainig toó, but my speciality is called here “Guarda/Defensa/Ataque/Escolta/Intervención”. Is similar to RCI/IPO/Sch/ Europeans Ring Defense Sports…
Fighting against abandone, violence against or Dogs fights… Even against bullfight…
Have owned or shephered cats, donkeys, horses, sheeps, goats…

STAY HIGH, O.G. people !


Here horses pics. One little horse is borning. In final vídeo ya can se his first jumps n runs n my voice sayin “common little chulo”… ( I see vídeo dont works here, sorry…)

Os dejo fotos de los amigos equinos me rodean…

Lusitano X Pura Raza Española

Pura Raza Española

Mestizos de Pura Raza Española, HispanoArabes y Lusitanos
Amiguit@s, por poco os grabó el nacimiento en Monte Adentro de un potrillo…

Nacer da mucha hambre…

Hay mas potrillos…

…Un amiguit@!

Vamos a jugar!

Jugar también da hambre!!

Vídeo de sus primeras carreras

Saludos de las nuevas vidas de Monte Adentro!


My other animals: this is my 5months old gotinghem litle pig

on couch budha cat (labrador x vipet) x (boxer x german shepherd) x (labrador x german shepherd) 7 years old and silkie hens


Caucaso, nieto de Onso de Territorio Presochakra

Onso de Territorio Presochakra:


Doga Argentina


Mas Caucasos : Los Leones de Monte Adentro


Training Antinarcotic Dogs…(joke)

Test Tito MiG de concentracion de THC Mediante Perro Detector de Narcoticos :
Reaccion 2: pingada de orejas sin ladrido ni sentado : Nivel Medio THC ( 8 a 14).

…and chichens…


Tod@ perr@ feliz tiene su rato jugueton…RottXMali y Mastin Español adolescente…

…y de la cena de Noche Vieja (New Year 1 January)…como gusta el marisco por Monte Adentro (es que es de las poquitas cosas que por mucho Plantemos tos los años no logramos se nos crié en la huerta…)


Mastines Españoles yendo a cuidar ganado. Una hembra deja ya a sus cachorros seguirla.
Observese el ultimo Mastin como se me encara y se me viene corriendo ladrando al no reconocerme ni llegarle mi olor de lejos (que percibira a los pocos metros cambiandole a actitud alegre sobre la carrera…)


this is Reggie, he’s about 8 month, I also have a cat but he’s prowling the neighborhood looking for a loose broad to take some pressure off of his testicles. Lol