Skywalker og seeds

I was looking into adding skywalker og into my grow but im not sure where i should get seeds from. I know ilgm has em but im not sure about his genetics as i havent been able to find anyone who has used his gear.
So my question is are ilgm seeds any good and if not does anyone no a viable source for skywalker og seeds

Reserve privada


I can only find it from the eu. Id really rather get it domestic… Why are all of calis genetica going to eu then coming back it really doesnt make any sense to me

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I know that Archive has Skywalker x with Face-off (Space Face) and Rare Dankness has Starkiller; Skywalker crossed with RD#2. Both are really great, but will not be a duplicate of Skywalker.

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I’ve had fair luck with ILGM seeds. I got some Blue Dream fems from them as freebies (about 1.5-2 years ago?) and those plants turned out to be pretty damn good. Whether or not it was authentic blue dream genetics could be argued… but, everyone who tried it really liked it, and kept asking for more.

However… some Blueberry I got from him was far from good.
Pretty sure I also had White Widow from them too, and it was… decent. Not the best example of WW, but not bad.

My only gripe with ILGM these days, is the prices. $90-100 per 10 pack of mid-grade genetics… meh. Not thrilling.

Seems like someone on Strainly would have them available, for much cheaper prices though…

But, if there’s no other place to get the Skywalker OG, give it a try. You may luck out and get something great from them.

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Laws and the lack of USA based seed suppliers untill recently

Yeah i keep hearing its his stuff is lackluster at best… I might have to as backup if i cant do anything else

Makes sense… Ill give dna a try ive always heard good things about em

I got a few Skywalker fems from reserve privada , the first one was spot on amazing but the next one wasent worth growing , hard to say what to expect and with there prices it’s discouraging but there are good ones to be found for sure.
I’d consider trying to source the clone as it’s not as uncommon as some. I haven’t seen it in a min though and clones seem to be harder and harder to come by at a reasonable price.


Yeah A place by me claims to have clones that i was gonna check… Seed is my backup plan. Did you get the reserva privada ones?

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I have a single pick’n’mix of this, I was eventually going to make some seeds with CS

now im scared to grow it after reading what @Heritagefarms said. Right now, its schrodinger’s bean.

You got a 50/50 shot in my experience, the good one is the lanky ugly one lol


If you got em plant em… Believe youll get the right pheno and you will… Positive vibes bro

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i49 has them. I had good luck with their g13 and they’re us based so if you’re in the states no waiting on customs.