SolSheet X kit - 250 W - good for a 4x4 tent?

Hi all,

looking for a good LED setup for my 4x4 tent. Is the kit above suitable for this size ? for veg and flowering ?

Planning to buy this driver.

Then the whole set would cost me about $ 300 plus shipping. Instead of about $ 1000 to 12000 when I buy in a shop…

All comments are welcome :slight_smile:


2 of them would be. 1 wouldn’t be sufficient imo


I agree. I run 300+ watts of LED light for eight square feet in my tent, and 100 watts for my two square foot cabinet.

If I was trying to light sixteen square feet to flower in, I’d go with two of those. That would give you 30 watts per square foot, which is adequate.

For comparison:


this is what they say too - 35 w/sf as a rule of thumbs

thanks for your inputs !



so what light system did u come up with by the way…?

First a big sorry for my late answer. I had some turbulences in my life lately. First had to change my flat and find another. Then moving… Then f**king Covid-19…

I bought two #HGL 260 W QB online in Spain. Paid around 600 Euros. Finished my first grow of 6 plants ! Got very excellent buds with this light and much help of this forum :slight_smile:

Happy day, peace and flowers

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Cant go wrong with 2 hlgs. Been a minute howd that first run turn out for you?

It turned out just excellent ! With a big help from you and some other nice guys from this forum.
And the two HLG s… Had many very hard buds…

I m preparing another go in my new flat. Dont know what beans I will choose. Will open a new thread for this, my second grow :slight_smile:

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