Sowing seeds for humanity

In the midst of the current state of affairs I have set aside an area for vegetables in my rooms. I think it is important to shift gears as spring is upon us to make sure our families and freinds have the opportunity to grow a garden to feed there families and freinds. We are all in the same boat and we have an opportunity to give back.
It may be a short term solution but every bit helps my freinds.


Good on you…a small gesture of sincerity goes a l-o-n-g way…need MORE like you. Be well!!!


I’ll be planting a moderate size garden myself , I normally do but am planting a few more things this year.


If anyone needs garlic… I have 100 cloves in ground currently.

Slightly regretting using all of that real estate for my garlic this year but I have tomatoes, lettuce, bell peppers, hot peppers, strawberries, onions and my citrus trees that will produce soon.


We are growers…growers first! Oh did i mention we are good at it!:slight_smile:
I already thought of that i need to get into the city to get seeds…extra room in my house set up for greens…no not those kind of greens…they are in the basement! haha


My garden is a massive undertaking every year. I start hundreds of plants in my greenhouse. Between my wife’s cut flowers and my vegetables it can get overwhelming.
Growing your own food is like printing money.


I used to have a booth at a certified farmers market, I miss the market and the people, I don’t miss the hoop houses full of seedlings and planting hundreds of individual garlic cloves, ok I kinda miss that to lol


We’re growers and suppliers, GROWING is never cancelled. Overgrow the virus mates!!! We’re all following your lead @ubcchemo… Thanks for words of Leadership!!!


I love feeding people from my garden. Giving flowers away to friends. That gives me happiness you can’t explain. It’s like when you give a friend a huge bag of frosty buds and they say in shock, “what’s this for?!”.
It’s great once most of it is in the ground. I always have plants to start but clearing everything out in the spring makes me happy. At some point…your waiting on the weather…the plants are getting bigger…your running out of space…and your thinking…did I plant everything two weeks too early? Then in May in two days the greenhouse is mostly empty. That feels nice.


Great thread topic. Started some veggies already but need to start a few more trays so I have extras to give away. I have plans to expand my small area that I have plants in the ground, and set up a dedicated composting are and fix the fence around my raised beds and garden. Just looking for some warmer weather to start doing the outside prep work.

Excited for this year too because I ordered a couple dwarf apple trees that I plan to put in 20 gal pots this year. My blueberries seem to have made it thru the winter well, so also looking forward to taking some cuttings this spring once they start growing again.

Anything to break up the monotony of working from home and not going anywhere for days on end! Starting to get a bit stir crazy and anxious to see how things shake out w this crazy virus!


Peppers and tomatoe start time…CHARGE! Lending a veg light for the cause. Now keeping spidermite heaven from upstairs window ledge plants and seedlings from infecting the growroom… I want any spidermites to follow social garden distancing or IT gets the hose again! Voluntarily comply or be forced. IPM protocol activate!image


Sounds like an excellent plan! I just dug out all the seeds yesterday and was mixing up some soil to get things started in today. Ordered micro green seeds and some extra trays. I seem to have plenty of LED lighting available these days --and I was thinking I had overbought… may just turn out perfectly.

Will be starting extras to give away to friends / people I know who could use them.

Lol @Cannasaurusrex I hope the spider mites obey man! I happen to have some that I just noticed on an upstairs plant too, and right after starting all fresh from seeds only for the medicine!