Spider farmer 600 auto mazar blueberry hesi

Greetings Growers

I would like to share my grow with you

Box: 140x60x60cm

Light: Spider farmer 600 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Samsung LM301B Diodes

Fertilizer: Hesi starter pack

Ventilation: The clip fan and Black Orchid Axial Flo 4 100mm 105m3-h plus Rhino carbon filter

Strain : Dutch passion Mazar 4x
1 Bluebrry supossedly but not sure

The Ph-ec meter .

I put the seeds in the water for 24 hours, then put them with wet moisturizing make-up pads

The ladies went to soil 20/4

.I will be happy for any advice.

Regards Zeleninar


Looking great glad to see you back @zeleninar


ooh these are looking good! Welcome back ^^


I’ve been reading alot of good things about Dutch passion autos…I didn’t even know they made them until a couple weeks ago.

Mazar was one of the first strains I ever green. A nice relaxed indica with a cedar wood sort of flavor. Will be cool to see how these turn out!


Hi guys

Thanks for positive feedback its been a while and i didnt finished my previous post but most of them had happy end…

Iam uploading few photos from today which is 16 day on veg stage.

They getting 300ml water ph 6.3 with plus hesi for grow as per table.

Added 1 co2 bag my first try so looking forward to it.
I done FIM one rigt down corner supossed to be Blueberry but not sure ant its growing to fast compare to rest of the crew so will see if me feeling was right or not

I find few holes in leaves looks like we have some tenant there so i spray leavs with some bugs killer hopeffuly i cut tenant agreement quick enough :smiley:

Temperature 25 humidity around 57 waiting for humidifier in night humidity around 70 and temperature 18-19.
BEACHER: I have hade few Dutch Passion genetics in past and never disappoint me so and mazar was one of my first “labeled” kind of smoke what i try long time ago so its kind of symbolic for me hopefully its not disapoint me.

Anyone had a experience with rosins? As iam happy owner of press from today so looking for all information what i can get.

One love


Thanks looking forward to your support guys


Oh man, I just got my rosin press setup on Monday and been experimenting with it. I’m sure others that have been doing it for years know much more/better than me but this is what I got so far.

Flower: you just need parchment paper, don’t need any bags. A pre-press helps a lot but not absolutely necessary at all. You want the press around 190F/90C. Just fold a piece of parchment paper that has some overhang on your press plates, put the herb in the center and lower the plates so they’re just touching both halves of the parchment/herb. Leave it there for a minute or so to warm up, then press it for 1-2 minutes and release. Should have some nice rosin after that. Clear it all off, maybe swap to new parchment, and you can try it again.

Kief/Hash: Same process as above but a little lower temps, ~180F/80C. Also 25micron bags.

If you have a laser thermometer or something that will help to dial in your plate temps, sometimes have to be higher or lower on the plates and controller you have.



Wow that great. Thank you very much for your advise.

All ready ordered 25/90/120 micron bags and some slick paper for press got my wax tools ready all ready just waitingfor last few pieces of puzzle :smiley:

Today i got my Humidifier i plugged in come back in 5 min and i thought the tent is on fire :smiley: so much mist everywhere.

But at one point was humidity 98% so i turn it of now and its 79% once light on will switch it on again.

What outdoor would you guys recommend for guerrilla grow?

One love



Quick update


Good morning

Huston wehave a problem :smiley:

Looks like i overfeed them but correct me if iam wrong.

Probably will take out right bottom plant as i dont like structure and i think its just taking space and light.

One love



Here is some update

My girls successfully jump back no sign of over feeding any more. THank God.

Today i give them first flower feeding rich water all Hesi products as per feed chart from packing.

I thought to put one more light SPIDER FARMER 1000 but as i started it as experiment will keep it as it is and will see how much bud i can pull out from it.

Which LED would you recomend me for next round TEST for my tent?

Looking to perfect coverage of 60x60 quality LED?

Kind regards