Capvt Mvndi Coco Tent Grow

whats up everyone

ive been growing since the last year of the original overgrow site… and the massive amount of information i got back then was incredible. I started out with DWC and it went well for a while but eventually warm res teemps got the best of me and i switched to coco and never looked back.

I grow in a 4 x 4 tent now…for myself my spouse and a few family members and few friends.
i start my plants from seed in a 2 x 2 x 3 grow tent fo my seedlings under 4 t5s in net pots then transplant it to 1 gallon air pots.
then i move them to my 4 x 4 tent to veg under a 600w MHuntil i think they are ready to flower
usually 4 weeks
then i start flowering under a 1000w MH for the first 2 weeks
the i switch to my 1000w eye hortilux for the remainder of the grow
For nutrients i have used them all over the years… canna coco house and garden lucas and now ive settle with advanced nutrients ph perfect witch i love
i just dont wanna deal with ph’ing anymore
i veg with sensi coco and some b52
and flower with connoiseur coco
bud ignitor
bud candy
big bud
overdrive and flawless finish

im just finishing up some pineapple express which have 2 weeks left

and i have my next plants sprouted
im gonna be going with
2 x barneys farm wedding cake
1 x blue og
1 x ghs deep candy(first time CBD strain)
and maybe of of ghs cheese or exo cheese

i top and LST





Welcome to the new OG . Will be following a long :grinning: :+1:

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So here they are

The exo cheese and blue og were germinated four days after the other 4 not much in the way of excitement just yet lol


Do you hand water all the way through or do you use automation later ?

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Hey Floyd thanks for joining

I hand water only until the go into the 4x4 tent…the it’s automated with open end drip lines

When roots are established I feed once a day up to 3 times a day usually around mid flowering


Welcome back we can always have a grower with upcl
ose knowledge
Peace out and stay safe

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These are the Pineapple Express at the end of week 7…gonna chop in exactly 2 weeks they smell amazing…can’t wait


Looking good , out of likes though for right now

No worries who…not here for likes…welcome to my diary


had some today!

Lol thanks who…o appreciate it

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welcome but they were deserved you earned them

So a little update…not much going on right now obviously…but it’s the first time I start seeds in net pots the way I’m doing…I’m wondering,when it’s time to transplant in about a week or so, shouldn’t pull the plants out the net pots or should I burry the net pots in the new container all together…curious to hear some input

Gonna put up some pics of my flowering tent later on…the flush starts tonight and chop is next sunday


So here’s my flowering tent…diluted what was left in my reservoir 75% and this will be good to today and tomorrow after that it’s gonna get flawless finish until next Thursday when I shut off the lights and stop watering and let temps drop…like I said chop next sunday



Just a little update…and everything looking good

I chopped my flowering tent last night and hung them to dry in the same tent…so hoping to transfer the babies into in in about a week and a half…think I’m gonna pot up to one gallon smart pot tomorrow

Some pics

And still wonder what u guys think

Should I pull them out the Air pots before transplantating…or just leave them in there?


Just topped them today to basically prep them for a six main branch LST…gonna post pics tomorrow after I pot up

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So here they are in the 4x4…under a 600w MH…put them in 1 gallon air pots lights out soon…when they come back on I’ll be setting up the drip system…they look lovely don’t they?


Great grow you have going! :+1:

I’ve been looking at those air pots, what is your opinion of them?


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Yes they do. :grinning: