Spotty Leaves causing concern

Hi everyone, first things first I’ve been off here for a year but growing again
Alls been good until appx 4 weeks ago when brown spots started appearing on the fan leaves, I’d rather overdone the nutes mixed with epsom salts. So one nute change and all has been better until now and I’m noticing new higher growth is also being affected… can you help a bloke out with a diagnosis
Hydro 4 pot Wilma drip
CF 7 + base water @ CF 6
PH 5.8
Temp 22/23
RH 60%

Thanks verily muchly

Soz nutes are vitalink hydro max Grow

Calcium def maybe : )


22/23 is abit on the cool side also : )

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Second for calcium deficiency here.


it wants calcium
whether it is actual deficiency or imbalance of other nutes inhibiting Ca uptake depends on your nute regimen


I dont believe it. Is it possible this is the first ever “Whats wrong with my leaves?” thread where there is actual agreement???

Holy crap.

I am amazed. Good job people!!

@Robin - I think you can take this one to the bank. I have never ever seen a thread like this where people actually agree about whats wrong :smiley:


Water temperature does affect a plants ability to uptake nutrients.


Well thank you chaps :grin:
I knew I would get answers… lol
Going with the flow, I did a nute change, added a 1/4 dose of cal mag 13/14
System ar 21c nute temp
Ph 6.0 air temp 22 (its winter here… )
CF 14
Let’s apply some LITFA for some days and watch…

Thanks for the speedy responses its appreciated…
For me autos is proving the way to go. The only issues I’ve had in my grows has been nute related and different each time…
Maybe a new brand will make me overlook my lack of observational growing skills.

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If you are running any kind of hydro, I would highly recommend you get rid of ANYTHING even remotely organic in your nutes or additives.

I recommend Jacks 321 Hydro formula if you can get it where you are. Another option is the MasterBlend line.

When I say “organic” I mean anything derived from plants or animals. You ONLY want pure salts for the mix.

The problem is any bacteria or algae will just love to grow when fed anything organically sourced. Those things will drive your PH up as they grow plus increase the potential for root rot, make for smelly water, slime, etc etc.

You mght also consider lowering your PH slightly and see how it goes. I find closer to 5.8 with a small up-wards drift works best in my setups.

I personally think your nute temp is fine. Once you hit much over 22C, any bacteria is far more likely to explode. Its a balancing act though. As mentioned above, lower temps will slow growth of roots as well as slowing the bacterial growth. I never go over 21-22 max in a situation like yours. Actually, in my current setup I try to keep the rez at more like 15C or lower, but I have a unique setup that isolates the rez from the roots. The roots themselves are held between 21-22C at all times.

Edit: My comments on PH assume you are using clay pellets/hydroton in your setup?

P.S. I love autos. Its all Im growing from now on.


Hi @Larry3215
Cheers for all the input mate… PH is pretty well dialled in. I have a bluelab auto doser… it’s set to 5.8
My base water is PH7 so a nute change means I creep down to 5.8 over 2-3 days.
I’m using hydroton with a dripper, there is no sign of algae anywhere …
I looked up the salts you reccomend… I dont think I could be arsed mixing them. I like a liquid feed. Res temp is on a sonoff controlled sensor set to 20-21c so I’m happy with that.
The autos have produced for me I’m averaging 4oz dried bud per plant… the only pain is dialling in the nutes… I’m not over feeding if anything slightly under. I’m at appx half strength.
Time will tell 7 days and I’ll be moving to bloom nutes as shes crowned and the bud sites are set, that plus another 180watts of 2750k solstrips.

Thanks again everyone :grin::grin: