Square black buckets with lid

I am building 3 DWC buckets. But I’m having a terrible time finding square black buckets that come with lids. I found some 2, 4, and 5 gal. buckets but they don’t include lids.
I would like to get 3 black square buckets. 4 to 5 gallon. You guys think 4 gallon bucket for DWC would be fine? My grow tent is only 36x20x63" or should I go with 5 gal.? Has anyone used the drip technique? If so do you like it better than DWC. I’m Interested in it, but its a little scary to invest money in something I’m not really familiar with.


I think Uline sells ones with lids. You’ll have to cut a hole for net pots yourself tho. I don’t think anybody makes square bucket net pot lids


Kitty litter buckets aren’t black but they have a lid.


What @DavesNotHere says, u-line has them and you can purchase lids.

Here’s another (different colors):

The lids:


Those kitty litter buckets are nice. Aren’t they?


They are nice and DIY ready aren’t they lol.

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You guys are funny.

Hey LilJonB,

I have used drip systems and DWC. I prefer DWC, because in my opinion it keeps everything soaked with enough oxygen as long as you add the oxygen with a pump making it feel like less of a hassle to monitor. The DWC system is pretty simple to set up as well, without too many hoses and cords everywhere. The roots have unlimited space to grow in your DWC, and you don’t have to think about some of your hydro corrals not getting wet. If you don’t find the pots you are looking for, maybe those rectangle containers from Ikea with a can of black spray paint works for you? You can use a circular saw to cut perfect holes for your net pots. I have done that before with great results making a large bubble cloner. If I leave the clones in there too long, I can add nutrients at half strength , and it serves as a DWC for very small plants with great results. The only difference would be that you intend to cut bigger holes, and use netpots instead of neoprene, and have them there for a longer period of time.

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I use these from Lowe’s


You can also just buy a lid with a net pot already together.


Hey guys. I think I might have goofed up. I thought I read somewhere that you can use 4 gal buckets for deep water culture. Bit I’m not sure. This is everything I got.

You think this would be just enough?

![20200418_223344|375x500]. (upload://eiv0vYzb5Jn0HVbqyYIhrAufooF.jpeg)
I’m pretty sure I got some pretty decent stuff. Worst-case scenario ill have to switch out to a bigger bucket.


Hell ive super cropped in 1 gal cans; 4 gals can get you some monsters.

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Thanks man that makes me feel quite better.

So with your set up there are a few things to consider… 4 gal buckets with a 2 week veg and figuring everything is in tune, you’re going to overload that tent, even with trellising. If I were you, id go with 2x 5-gal buckets, buy the prevamped lids they make with the net pot in em, and use the pump you have selected and use 2 air stones per bucket. Veg for 3 weeks and LST the plant opening her up as much as possible, preemptively building your canopy. Once you flip her get ready cause theyre going to fill that tent out nicely. Whats your nutrient regime?

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It looks like the pic you posted of the lid is for a round bucket.

@BDGrows, I meant to post that the GH nutrients.

I Really wanted to Get a little More
Mentoring before I
Made a choice of nute . But Im running out of time. See the littlest of the plants are the ones that are going in DWC. So am I understanding you correctly? After two weeks veging in soiI then if I was to transfer them into the dro buckets and then flipped them to 12/12 I would max out the tent with two plants within 3 weeks. Did I get that right? My nutes, air stones, and HAPHID Combo PH Meter are still in the mail. Ill have everything wistfully by the 21st. The 27th is the latest.

You are absolutely correct Mr. @Skiball. I was searching high and low for a good hour for 6in buckets. The only other place that carried them claimed that it would have taken 3 weeks to get to me.
I’m getting to close for comfort. I can cut the plastic
to fit if need be. See the smaller of the plants in this picture below,

Those smaller ones roots will be soaked in water to remove the grow medium. I’ve found this is the most gentle way to do so. Then I alow the roots to make there way through the net pot. Meanwhile gently adding the lava rock.

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GH makes decent nutes; look into Heads formula for hydro (cheaper and just as effective). Pick up some cal mag and youre good to go. So being that most of your stuff is going to be here the 27th (assuming the worst), I would continue to veg the plants in soil, upon getting your stuff set it all up and make sure everything is working then transplant your plants into the hydro for 2 - 3 weeks depending on how soon they acclimate to the transplant. Going from soil --> hydro will shock the plants a little but they should adjust. If you veg in hydro for 3 weeks THEN flip, your plants will fill out that tent midway through flower.

@BDGrows Sorry took me a lil bit to get back. WORK SUCKS! I I’m pretty experienced when it comes to the stretch due to flowering. Was forced to micro grow a few times. I once grew in a 3x1x3 box, and did a space bucket grow.

Well after our last chat I was looking for mesh pots. In the process of researching carbon filter and fans I forgot to order them. I got some last night. So now I’m looking at about the 1st.

Gotta question for whoever is interested. I’m wondering if the yellowing of these leaves are due to the soil to hot or the pot being to small. I can see allot of roots around the drain holes

I’m about to transplant. Dose she seems old enough to handle FFOF or should I transplant her let her get a little bigger with some Coco?