Teach me about Flushing agents

Im using Flora Clean, my first trial with it was last grow. 50% peat moss 50% perlite 20 gallon container in a tray using a wet vac to suck up the run off. The feeding is automatic drip using Front row Grow AG with aptus silica and PK boost. i flushed with plain RO water once a week (1-6 weeks) then week 6 i washed them out with flora clean resumed feeding week 7. on day 49, i began really washing them out. it took 7 days with flora clean to get the medium TDS running off at 200 ppm. i probably used 100 gallons of water it was awful and stressful for the plants. so then week 9 just RO water with hygrozyme normal drip. the pot came out good but still not as impressive as i have done in the past as far as flavor. and for me its all about that taste. any information helps especially if you know something about preventing build up of nutrients or how to feed smarter.


flushing agents are bunk
flushing is for the medium, not the plant
smell and taste is all in the dry+cure and genetics (assuming your cultivation practices are dialed in)


Came here to say this. Companies prey on new/naive people in every industry by marketing unnecessary gimmicks to them. That shit makes me sick. Save your money. Positive vibes…



I have learned over time that flushing is a tool used for correcting issues in your soil. I too once thought flushing was necessary to achieve good product. But, now i grow the best bud of my life and feed continually up until harvest. I like to see healthy plants clear through the grow. No reason to make them suffer when your trying to harvest the healthiest and largest nugs possible.


Amen my brother no need to flush I continuous feed and just decrease ppm before finish


I used it once a few years back a week before harvest . Watered just as the lights came on by the next morning every plant was yellow continued with 240 ppm of well water till the chop .

It does flush the medium very fast I wasn’t expecting total yellow plants in 12 hrs . Think I’ve got 1.5 gals left but don’t plan to use it in the future just do the normal cut back of feed near the end making the fall colour appear slowly is more natural.


Flush using plain water with a tsp of Sucunat in it. It will super oxygenate your roots and give them some carb loading so she’ll start stacking harder. Better then molasses.


Ok perfect, so i often get soil Ph issues and or nutrient lock outs in my garden with hydroponic nutrients. i check it constantly by run off and the res. it seems like i never have a cycle go through start to finish without some kind of complication if not multiple. is there something inherently wrong with a drip system that uses promix or coco core then is run off with fresh water manually?

i have considered doing DWC to see if it is the method that is causing problems but i have avoided water chillers for years and i dont want to start a new method if what i have practiced for 6 years just needs adjustment

one very important detail is my automatic feeding system does not have a lot of percision. its a submersible pump with a 1 inch OD water line that feeds 12, 1/4 inch OD tubes of the same length to a single stake emitter, in each pot it will run 30 seconds set to run 6 times during the lights on. it’s enough to cause run off in 5 gallon pots after 2-3 squirts, i am often making sure the run off doesn’t overflow the tray my method is labor intensive and i have considered getting a DAB pump with the flora flex manifold to dial it in closer. im wondering though if the expensive pump set up ill change the anything because i still don’t have a method to run off excess nutrients at the same time allow the soil to dry out to combat root rot. I am almost certain that all my issues are a nutrient flow and removal problem. Thanks for your replies guys this community is really great.

For coco example, check out my thread. Glad to help with any questions.

I’m a soil dummy, so not much help there…

that Rx study shows that you should be flushing with clear water for the last 14 days, as there was no difference between the 14 day flush and zero day flush, so why feed it? no difference except your costs and time

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Agreed @Who Based on that article I think I’m going to stop feeding the last two weeks as well. One last top up 14days out then straight ph adjusted water into the rez.