Teach me to feminize please

Im really interested in learning how to fem seeds from a clone. I have a beautiful purple sunset x blueberry muffin that i would like to fem and push out for free or trade. I would just keep cloning it if only for me but i want others to exp these super dense and sweet smelling nugs.
They are rock hard and having no problems at 93° and 60% humidity. I thought it had some pm because of the humidity but when i looked it was just super frosty with a blanket of tny trichs.
Any help would be appreciated


Here is a great STS thread:


So you want to self this one plant, or do you want to make crosses. If you want it to pollenate itself, I’d recommend using two separate clones, but it can be done with just one. Either way, check out Sebring’s video for the prep and then he has the kit on his website.



I have followed this exactly and it certainly works!

Your female may get a bit beat up - but I have never lost a plant.

I just did this to a cherished NL clone… tons of male flowers… hoping they open.


Thank you so much yeah i want to keep it the way it is for now. Although i think i may cross it with a fpogxStardawg cross im gonna put down next.

I wonder what purple muffin x cherry pie would taste like hmmmmm

Just a note, when you self a plant, the seeds won’t be the same as the mother. There will be similar ones, there may be ones even better, but it won’t be the same unless you selectively breed it out and back cross.


No kidding? I would have thought they would be same genetics.

Like he said above, same genotype. It’s the same genetic lineage, however you will experience different phenotypes. To get an almost identical plant, selective back crossing would need to occur over a few generations.


Yup thats what i pretty much do to cutz i like


you could actually clone your plant

Meristem which is cloning from a cell mass that is grown from the smallest growing tip of the plant

which done surgically and grown to a cell mass divided to form plantlets

your is copy exactly the same and you can a grow your cell mass and divide it

to grow more cell masses to divide on and on


all the best



Tissue culture would allow an identical clone of the plant, but would require aseptic conditions and plant growth regulators. This is most likely a multi step process over a number of weeks. Plants from Test Tubes by Lydian Kyte is available from a number of sources, and is probably one of the best introductions to plant tissue culture available.


and you can grow and divide your cell masses almost forever

and they do not become plantlets until they are stationary

grow a mass divide it and grow that in to a mass etc

so if you find that keeper your clone is the exact same plant

I worked for someone who found an Orchid that’s flower was black as night

out of a community pot of a couple hundred plants

to start from seed to flower takes years and you

may very well not get the same thing

Meristem (tissue culture) it and black as night flowers you will

get on all your offspring

be safe and be well



All very true, Dequilo. TC has some very interesting possibilities, especially since there is a new paper demonstrating regeneration of shoots from inflorescences (Piunno, et al. Can. J. Plant Sci. 99: 556-559) so the chemotype of a given plant could be determined prior to the TC process, insuring that only the best plants are maintained as cultures.

I would like to try my hand at that some time in the future, it reminds me of propagating mycelium within agar with some differences of course. Ive always had good results with normal cloning without too much variation from the mother plant which i already have. Seeds are just easier to hold on to the genetics should something unfortunate happen to my living plants. Also its harder to spread clones outside of the local area. Im really interested in looking into for sure though thank you

@urbs Back in the mid 80’s I work in an Orchid nursery in Fl

it was Jones and Scully who at the time were an old Orchid growing


I started working in their greenhouses repotting community pots

I got a chance to work in their Orchid Lab flasking seeds and Meristemming

work with a World Class Orchid breeder in the lab from Vietnam

the guy had forgot more about plants than I could learn in ten life


we also did Bromeliads and Tillandsias I have should stayed there but they

had a Foliage Plants nursery down in Homestead and at the time I wanted

to learn about growing container stock under shade for the interior landscape trade

so I miss a good chance

all the best



MemirKush - very similar to working with mycelium, except you use M&S media (actualy, there is some literature that says DKW media is superior for cannabis Basal media optimization for the micropropagation and callogenesis of Cannabis sativa: Page, Monthony and Jones, University of Guelph preprint) plus plant growth regulators depending on whether you wish to do callus, shoot or root. Callus culture should hold in a fridge for quite a while as “insurance”, and also take up much less room than a mother plant. I am in a currently illegal state, and I am envious of those who can grow without fear.

Dequilo - I actually started doing the TC with orchids, and have done some edible mycelia work so I know that it can be done without a lab. Plant Preservative Mixture will take a bunch of problems like contamination down to a minimum. A laminar flow hood would still be a good idea though. It sounds like you already have the skills you need from working at Jones & Scully. Don’t think seed flasking and meristemming is much different from TC with cannabis, and breaking down compots is pretty much the same as the last stage of TC.

@urbs I know that it can be done without a lab.

you are right there they guy that ran they lab was a breeder that came here during

the Vietnam war the French treated him like shit, when he got here we did the same

this dude was a world class breeder with ROM orchids

he had a work area in his garage at home and was flasking his own work

cloning his stuff I learn a lot from him and Meristemming was still newer

but in my youth I did not see what he was teaching me did something else in the industry

all the best