The OG Calendar ..fundraiser

Well at any rate i think that may be a beter way to go considering shipping and all i wasnt considering overseas shipping

Guys we got the fotos…top , class, incredible photos worthy of any Calendar…the thread is spreading…slow down.


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Ye I am. Nice to meet you…I agree with your idea of the front Logo.

This group has the potentiality to be a front leader in the world.
But we need to get the Calendar moving.


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Yes exactly i was asking about panama because i was there at the jungle training school when i was in the marine corps and while i was there i did happen to sample some of he local flora and fauna lol wish i haf sent seeds or broughtbsome back but hindsite is 20/20

Peaceout and stay safe

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Ye…we all donate $20/25 up front…and someone takes control…for the printing of those amazing pics from last years…winners of the month.

Need a Editor?

And yes a world leader in canabis cultivation is on the horizon i think

Oh man…next time visit…I’m in Chiriqui

Right on thanks for the invite i may in. The next year for a weekend maybe to collect some native seed samples

I’ll buy one, id even pay $30. maybe a little can go to cover those that can’t

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I can work photoshop and compile the images together let’s see if we can get a poll together for USA and over sea folks so we can see if there is a way we can send there and have someone distribute from there out I rarely mail stuff so idk how all that works

Also images we need HD photos I started working on this before and the stoner in me has kinda put that on the back burner but there is a site called

I started tinkering around there it’s a US company there like $25 each

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I would get one, would be handy to have a physical calendar to track my growing schedule lol.


Great idea!

I’d suggest using Paypal pools for this …


Just tell me where to send my money and how much

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That looks great.

Someone needs to co-ordinate with Admin. To get the pics of the monthly winners.( they should have them.

Then go ahead with a company to produce.

Maybe make a List
of who is interested …then deposit $25-$30 per Calendar in a OG account.

We obviously need someone in Admin to step up to the plate and help co- ordinate.

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We need a member to open the pay pal account, and to supervise it.

Maybe make the first run to 100 members…say it costs $20 a Calendar…and we pay $30 …that’s $1k to OG funds.

Ps (these are only figures.

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My uncle works in printing more the buisness end let me reach out to him and get an idea of cost think the calendar is a great idea

Hes about to go into a mtg will get back to me with an idea about pricing or at least some advice hes worked in printing his whole life, does all kinds of books magazines and such.


Exactly my vision I want to make sure the box is big enough where we could put a couple notes in there instead of little chicken doodle writing


Count me in!! Would be awesome!!! There should be a few collages in there to try and get all the contributors plants in there


I would totally be down for an OG calendar.!
Get 12 month-winning photos, and get to support the server too!


Someone on the group… Needs to take charge of the opening of the PayPal account, that Joe recommended.
Probably the most important part of the process.

Then we can donate to the ac ount and get the ball rolling.

I’m sure there is someone on OG with experience willing to help out.