The OG Calendar ..fundraiser

I brought the subject of a OG calendar on the November pic of the month.thread.
Of using the monthly winners for the past year …to be included to produce a OG CALENDAR for 2021.

I opted out ( it’s not practical for me living in Central America) but thought some members would stand up to the plate, examples of company’s who do this printing are numerous…

…it wouldn’t be hard to do this …and as was said on the pic of the month…it was agreed That it would be a worthwhile project and fund raiser.

We need a good someone to get this moving…

Any ideas on how to take this forward is appreciated…and anyone who wants to do it is most welcome.
Be a lovely Calendar…of the monthly winners last year. The photos be in the archives…so it’s just a matter of getting a on line co to reproduce to Calendar format…I will buy hang in the grow


Thanks …


I would also i put my daughter on this she is a techno wizard unlike her father ill look into it would appreciate feed back and someone to stepup and handle the financial aspect of this if enuf OGers want to do it

Peaceout andvstay safe


Great idea…but most importantly is now! The co in Miami I linked …does them whatever way you like…like spiral ones, plain calendar, double sided one.

It’s been a bad year for us all…and with social distancing …I think this would be a lovely Calendar …A front cover or a introduction is need.

That’s how we need someone to help out.



I was in that thread during the conversation. I’m one of those that would be inclined to help financially.
I apologize in advance if this sounds harsh, but my time is very limited. I work hard ( in my early retirement ) I play harder, and I have a whole host of half finished projects. Definitely not the right guy over here, unless your talking about a 2050 calendar!
In all seriousness I did mention that I’d get more tha one fasho. Like I said earlier let’s hear some numbers so someone responsible can “get er done”.


I** tried to get a quote of the Miami company’s **contact on there website…but I don’t have zip codes for USA and I use VPN.

Ps…someone maybe try get some quotes…sos to take over…but it’s getting ne’er Santa time.


It’s already crunch time trying to get a 2021 calendar

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My daughter found a co online that does them for like $9.99. But like i said someone would have to step up and take care of the financial aspect and some one for the introduction on the inside cover page. Maybe something like what OG is all about being community based and all


I would not think that $20 per calander to cover shipping and the rest goes to the OG fund


I’ll commit to the finances to get them made, with the expectation of being able to reimburse for the costs after.


Would you be in panama by any chance?

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I think the outside cover should be the new OG logo


Ok here’s the Swoop , it’s getting late…I reckon a deposit for any printer is getting near…
I will put $50 in OG supporter fund…probably about $250 needed as dep for your printer.etc

Maybe some breeders on OG, reward donations.

But But …I’d appreciate some help on this…especially.moderators etc…



Im thinking some input by other members wether or not they would even purchase a calander the website i saw is

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I just did some numbers on their site 200 calanders is about $1800.00. Takes about 2 weeks to ship out at $20 per calander it would put about 2k into OG after shipping individually not to bad would benefit everyone on OG the money could be used for prizes on contests etc


Once I’m caught up and can spare the cash I’d be down for one for sure.

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Right on now to get the word out and get some kind of sign up thing going on

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So if I just wanted to donate to the cause, just put it in the OG supporter fund?

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Would $20 be a good price point do you think?


Considering I already put that out to server fund donations monthly already…yeah I don’t think $20 is bad at all especially since its all from the OG community and it goes to help continue to keep it running and improving.

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Maybe 20 is enough if your only mailing in the U.S. to Canada it would be more than $10 shipping and even more for europe and other continents.

If its $10 for the calendar and close to $10 or more for shipping $20 will not raise much for server fund imo

Its a great idea but if its $10 to produce i would suggest $15 for calendar plus shipping.That way each calendar raises $5 for the OG server fund