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That’s so amazingn. Mechelle x


Nice little unit for the price. How big are those plates? Does it have a pressure gauge?

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It has 2.5" x 6" plates…There is no pressure gauge on this unit…
I think at this price point, the thought is that the low price coupled with the large pressing capacity would outweigh the need of a gauge…JMO of course.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Dulytek in any way. I do, however test products for the company.

This is a mini review I put up on Leafly recently.

"This is a huge press in a tiny package! It only weighs 35lbs, but presses as well as my larger shop press in the garage! The press incorporates a power save mode that is fully settable by the user. The electronics package is superb, and accurate by any standard. Heating time of the large 2.5x6 inch plates is good for plates this size and heat distribution is very even. I have only pressed amounts up to 14 grams so far, but this is capable of pressing larger quantities. There is a built in timer that is activated by the press of a button. The unit is attractive enough to be kept inside the house with no objections from anyone here.

Jacking requires the normal amount of hand pressure, but the built in handle is perfect for keeping the press steady as you increase the jacking pressure. The frame of this SS press will become warm, but not hot after a pressing session. It is my understanding that the 7-ton bottle jack can be replaced easily by the user with a 5 or 7 ton jack, if needed.

Quality is excellent and the welds are very smooth and even. The package was unmarked (appreciated), and very heavy duty . There was a custom fit foam insert making sure all stayed in place. I was waiting for a good quality press at a reasonable price. THIS IS IT!!! If you are looking for a press…don’t even think about it…buy this one!"


Ive been wanting to try pressing ever since I saw @Roux DIY press. Im still several weeks from my next harvest, but I want to ask some questions before I commit.

First, I dont smoke or do dabs or anything that involves inhaling anything. Too many years smoking and my lungs cant take it. Im also not a big fan of edibles.

What I do now is make capsules. I start by drying and de-carbing the bud in the oven. Then I use 95% alcohol to make green dragon, then boil off the alcohol and make capsules with coconut oil.

This is a long, tedious, and slightly dangerous process. Plus the 95% EverClear is kind of pricey.

How will my final yield of usable product compare if I switch to using a hair straightener press? Will I loose a lot in terms of the number of capsules I can make from a given amount of bud?

If I do press this way - should I de-carb first when I dry the weed in the oven or just use a higher temp when I press or decarb after the press? If after - how would you recommend doing it? I could add the rosin to the coconut oil and heat it on the stove at 240?

How long do you think it would take to press say 20 oz of bud using the hair press? It looks like you can only do a few grams at a time, so doing close to 600 grams would take some time I suspect.

Thanks for any tips or suggestions , etc :smiley:


The most thorough extraction is either CO2 or Everclear, but a good press is fairly efficient. You can always run the squished pucks through your extraction process as well.



You can expect anywhere between 10-25% return with a hair straightener.

You may be able to add more coconut oil and have a similar potency in terms of THC. What you probably wont get is the other polar plant compounds the ethanol pulls out, which may have medicinal properties.

After, and yes basically can do what you said above.

On a hair straightener? A long time. I have a small press and can only do 5 grams at a time. It takes roughly 5 minutes between presses if I work quickly. So roughly a gram a minute.

If I was going to process 20 ounces for edibles (or capsules) I would probably use ethanol. Have you considered getting a still to reclaim the ethanol? I have an Source Turbo by Extract Craft and love it.


Rockin’ it @ReikoX

Thanks for your years of research! :microscope:


Thanks for the super detailed reply!!

I take it that means I could expect to end up with somewhere between 2 oz and 4.5 oz of rosin if I press 20 oz of bud?

I need to go back and look at my notes to see how much oil I ended up with after boiling off the everclear on my last mix. I did 20 oz of bud using 2 liters of everclear. I dont think I measured it. Four to 6 oz seems about right, but Im sure there was still some water in the solution. That makes it hard to compare.

That makes me go hmmmmmmm :slight_smile:

I would love one of those vacuum stills. but the price is too far out of my range.

Im not sure you could fit more than 2 oz on a hair press at one time, so that would take a long time to press that much. If it took me an average of 2 minutes/gram that would be roughly 1200 minutes or 20 hours of straight pressing. Thats a lot! :smiley:

It takes me most of a days work to dry the bud, de-carb the bud, freeze the bud, soak in everclear, then boil it all off, then mix in the coconut oil. But, most of that time is spent waiting for something to finish.

Gonna have to re-think this…

Thanks - again - for the super detailed reply!!!


A bit of Diamonds and Pearls flower rosin.


Lookin’ fine bro.



That looks sooooooooo good, amazing…mechelle

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Thanks, I thought so too, but then I did this. Creme Brulee by @LED_Seedz almost 23% yield of beautiful rosin.


One of these days the old Revlon is gonna give up the ghost and i will have to relearn on a press. for now my iron game is still improving. Having fun with my own supply priceless





A whopping 29% return of Creme Brulee!


Wow! You sure that came from a plant? :laughing:



What press are you using sir?


6-ton DIY press with 2.5" square plates.

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How do you guys measure “return”? Is that simply by weight? Material in / material out?


Yep, 5 grams in 1.44 grams out.