Times are Tuff. Bag Seed Grow

Well due to the Covid Virus I lost my job and its been over 2 months to hear back from unemployment for my interview. So being board with no money to buy decent seeds I got a seed from some Peanut Butter Runtz and another I have no clue what it is. So with alot of time on my hands aside from job applications I figured something is better then nothing. I made shure I had females before I made a post.

Lucky me they all turned out to be female! How bout that!
Believe it or not I used this type of process for seed selection and it has worked so far.

Has this worked for any of y’all?


I gave two to my cousin for space in my tent. I have the Peanut Butter Runtz in soil on the right and I dont know what in DWC on the left day 10 into flower.


I have always felt in my younger dayz that if you had weed you. Coukd have money. But if you had money you didnt always have weed. Think about it


I had some money, but I also had some weed. These should help me buy some better genetics.

Legalization took all the $$$$$$ out of it.
Only $$$ in it now is breeding and selling shit genetics.
Then some people wonder why some strains are strictly hands off to the majority.


Yeah my brother in maine told me that in the 1st month of retail in maine they only took in a lil over a million$ tfey havent figured out that tjose who can grow grow and tjose who cant buy under the table


@OleReynard I agree. All we can hope for is that it doesn’t get to watered-down and that communities like OG to try to help keep it from getting to out of hand. Big industry grower is definitely hurting the craft farmers. But as far as the strains go I have only bought seeds a handful of times and was happy with what I’ve gotten. But I might not really know anybetter. I always ask who has the best seeds. Most of the time I prefer companies that have been doing it for a while.


Hi @LilJonB,

That’s a new one on me but… my wife tells me I live under a rock :crazy_face:
Where did you come across this?
Sounds like an easy theory to check, I’ll try this on my next big run.

That net is going to be full in short order, looking good! :+1: :sunglasses:



it is only wrong about 50 % of the time :wink:


@Gpaw are you referring to the seed checking for sex?
Yeah the smaller plant is by far the fullest small plant I ever grew. I’m just trying to spread em out a little bit. I’m going to raise the piece of fence up as she grows. Then add another later on. I definitely wouldn’t be able to pop the lid on my DWC bucket to do my change outs.


Welcome aboard beer3|nullxnull , well, in my previous grow I was quite unlucky :sweat:, from 6 plants the only non dude was feminized:


commented this with Gaz29 and this is what he told me:

"Choose the seeds that are kinda long/slim with this shape :arrow_heading_down:

These seeds ARE fem - but when i choose my seeds for growing, i make sure the seeds are not the biggest ones, but are very slimline and (usually) uniformly the same shape
( they could be large or small but if just the general shape of seed is similar :+1: -
it’s worked really well for me since I started in 2011’. .) …"

So it doesn’t match with what you published. I have chosen the seeds in the next run following Gaz’s advice, haven’t sexed them but we’ll see … :sunglasses:


I’m most definitely not saying its full proof. Its just something I googled. I figured 4 out of 4 is some good luck.


Welcome aboard! Stick around, you’ll soon have plenty of seeds to play with lol. I wouldn’t put much stock into sexing the plant based on the seed.
More than likely, the “father” of these seeds are hermies in the growers setup. Especially if they turned out all female since hermies produce mostly fem pollen. Problem is, then you have high chance of your plants being hermi as well. Just keep an eye on them once in bloom. As my re start to growing, I’m currently growing out several bag seeds I found in different dispensary/indoor grown buds. All 5 appeared female, one turned out to be a full blown hermi with flowers and separate pollen sacks. Keep an eye of the rest as they are maturing.


I do know that my friend

some lady back 2000 did the same thing on a med board

if it works for you it is all good with me :slight_smile:

all the best and grow well



Interesting subject, could this also be true?, will have to check … icon_e_confused|nullxnull


Yeah thanks guy’s. I didn’t know hermies produce mostly female seeds. It dose make sense that they have a probability of them turning into hurmies. Can’t wait for to start working again to donate some doe to Overgrow. Everyone here is great. It was a sad day when the first OG site shutdown. I was extatic when It when back up. Thanks again folks.


This theory dose back up the one I posted a bit. They claim that the seed with the perfect circle that resembles a volcano are supposed to be female. I would imagine that where the tap root exits the seed.

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Well, it says that if it sprouts in the side it’s mostly a male ejem|nullxnull, so I’m afraid not. I use to plunge the seeds on water until they sprout, I will have a look on this and of course the shape, it would be interesting if more people pay attention on this and we can make some conclusions … beer3|nullxnull

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One of the biggest myths of sexing cannabis seeds comes from a popular chart online.

The chart states that one can determine the sex of a cannabis seed by just looking at them

from your link


I believe that comes from one of Ed’s books how to select female seeds I read about that 15 plus years ago just not :100: on the book but I think it was Ed Rosenthal it’s pretty accurate I personally use that method and have for sometime.
sometimes the ones that are not perfectly :volcano: shape at the end and those tend to be male or herms in my personal experience. Plants look good btw