The One (1976 Highland Thai x 1971 Kandahar Afghan) BX2 grow log

I am looking into more old school stuff with this run. Hoping to find a stable pair for breeding.
Fox Farm soils - Happy Frog to start.
Medic Grow Smart 8 LED Light
General Organics Go Box nutrients.
Fish Sh!t and Power Si.
Mykos and Azos.
Budswell if I can source it.
Dr Zymes for PMI. Spray every week and root drench every 2-3 weeks till flower.
Sourced from Mountain Organics through wellgrownseeds…
Soaked 15 beans, 14 popped. this is great given they are a year and a half old without doing any geriatric seed recovery shenanigans and less than optimal seed storage.
From the source:
The One BC2: Our 2nd backcross of The One (1976 Highland Thai x 1971 Kandahar Afghan), generally lower profile plants with exceptional branching, some do stretch a bit in flower, most grow more into a bush naturally with many tops. Incredibly resinous plants producing large and dense hybrid flowers with strong aromas of dank/earthy, skunky hash with undertones of floral/incense, grape/berry, sour/astringent. 8-10 weeks

14 plants under the dome.
Temp (F) and RH shooting for low 80s.
S1 Soak:


Numbering according to vigor seen in root development.

Winners at the top. Gonna give them all 28 days in S stage.
Plugs (and myself) were dusted with Azos and Mykos going into solo cups.


Looks good, nice work sorting the roots. I’m switching from peat pucks to rapid root plugs, thanks sharing. :sunglasses:

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Figured to rate on roots now. I won’t be able to see them in a month. Best of fortune! I have not used the peat pucks in a loooong time. I saw a lot of dampening off with them in the 90s, so I stay away from them. That being said, I had no idea how to use them properly back then, and I let them way too wet. Now that there is more information on the intewebs folks use them with great success


Down for this show 100% sounds like an epic strain. Looking good so far. Those rapid rooters can’t be beat for speed when utilized properly and with an easily cloned strain. I’ve seen roots in 6/7/8 days many times. I did not have similar results myself, but when I placed seeds in them they just shot out shoots everywhere and were considerably faster than those planted directly into mo koko


This one will be following a WTTGT or Welcome to the Grow Tent schedule.
My plants always get way too big, so the VEG is gonna be short.
Seedling - 4 weeks.
Veg - 2.5 weeks.
Flower - whenever they are done. Hopefully less than 3 months.
Being an old school hybrid I am expecting 10-12 week ripen on these, as I’m looking for a foundational kinda vibe here with a lot of stinky feet funk.
We’ll see in July when we’re done.
Probably going to extend veg for a little torture testing.


Hey I am just stopping by and I have been researching this strain and now I decided to going stay,…hope you don’t mind looking great :+1:t2: happy growing The Doc

Happy to have you along for the ride.
I’ve never smoked this…that I know of.
On paper it looks like a great building block and should shake out interesting phenos.
We’ll see in July.
I really hope something shows that makes a BX3 worth doing.
The waiting…ugh.
14 seedlings under the dome makes for uninteresting pictures at this point.
90s RH and high 70s F temp.
Light watering with spring water around outside of solo only when they feel dry.


S21 - Dome off
Hitting them with a drastic change in humidity.
99% to 50% for the next day or until I pick up a humidifier.


They are looking beat up because I have been beating them up.
Plan to take the tops off in a week and flip.
Trying to torture these to bring out herm/intersex traits.
I’ll kick off flower in the se 1 gal pots, rustle the roots of the females, and up pot to 3 or 5 gal pots depending on the number of females that show.
Anything that is a morf will be culled.
Continued torture will continue in the first couple of weeks of flower.
Right now stabilizing them to take cuts.
Up potting took a lot less time before I cared about the mycosphere/rhizosphere…


Coming along nicely! Love the roots shot from Mar 22nd! Thanks for sharing! ☆ djsf

So much for 2.5 weeks Veg…
Cut all their heads off.
Noticed that pith on these is full and not hollow.
-Last couple of runs the pith was hollow and kinda wanted to shove an aloe coated toothpick in there after topping…
-These had a good water ooze after topping and cleaning suckers.
too many plants jammed into a 2x4 in 1 Gal fabric pots.
These have a LOT of pre flower early indicators.
-I think there is only 2 that there are only 2 out of the bunch that I cannot tell.
-No pix, but there are evident balls and calyx hairs on display.
Gotta clean out the flower tent which is revegging a couple of GG4 right now and a 6 year old Pakistan Valley clone.
Probably flip on Wednesday.

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Nice project :upside_down_face: whats the seed source?

Okay…packed 2x4 under Mars Hydro TSL2000.
These are going to BUSH out!

There is a good amount of leaf damage due to cannabis craving kitty cats…
-They don’t touch the stuff after it goes to flower, but they love the veg salads.


Sourced from Mountain Organics through wellgrownseeds
Well Grown Seeds
They are OOS right now.
I could not have higher praise for this seed bank.
-No shade and quick turn around.


Thanks :upside_down_face: i was peronaly looking for some kandahar black :diya_lamp:

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Sorry, these are old school, but not that old school.
Best of Fortune on your search!

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Out of the 2x4 and into the 5x5.
-Already making that look crowded.
-The males will be going back into the 2x4.

And the tops that got chopped.
5+ nodes on 'em.