Times are Tuff. Bag Seed Grow

Ah yeah, we did this a couple years back at another site.
Not true.


The only way to know if it’s male or female is this:
feminized seeds are always female.
Any other claims, are false.


It’s phrenology for seeds.
suppresses a giggle


I guess I should have mentioned the whole seed thing under a different thread. Lol


Still looking good. The Runtz is not showing any signs of it herming out. The other plant is coming along. I’m trying to thin her out a little bit.

In all the years I wanted a small compact plant for my micro grows this would have been the one.


Plants are looking good! It’s interesting to see the difference between soil/DWC growth rate, although mixed genetics play a factor of course.

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Yeah man this smaller one is throwing up shoots everywhere. I just went in and took all the bottom ones out. Once she grows out a little more she should be easier to manipulate.

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19 days in flower.

I just did a change out in my DWC and went full flower nutes. Just over night she started throwing alot more white hairs! Has anyone ever used nutrient brand that when using the recommended dosage for a gallon of water the PPMs were below 1000 ppm? I know if you use the the recommended dose for General Hydroponics the PPMs are an upwards of 2000 PPM. Thats if your tap is around 250 PPM. Why do they do this? Do some plants like it that hot?
This is my other lady. She has some lanky branches with just one flower at the top. Are these worth keeping. I never came across this problem. Usually there are more sites on the branches. Im guessing something else must have crossed with the original strain. It was a bag seed.


There is a big difference in strains. My cusion has the same strain in soil that I have in DWC. But then you would have to factor in that the grow environment is different. I do plain on doing a grow with DWC and a passive hydroponic setup to see if there’s a difference. Those will be the same strain.

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Day 23 in flower!

The one in DWC is throwing out alot more white hairs. Its being a little difficult how tight the inner nodes are. All the branches are growing into each other. I got rid of some branches to try to keep it in check the next 40+ days. In the future if I grow the 2nd one agen I won’t top it and I am going to try to get her to stretch. Can’t believe how compact that one is.


looking very nice :slight_smile:

thanks for the look and all the best



Thanks dequilo

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Just keeping up with progress.

Just a little bubbler experiment.

One I was trying to see how well I can start a seedling straight into DWC without rockwool cubes. I always started my seeds in in soil and then washed my roots to transfer into DWC. But I noticed that I would loose about a week of growth doing it that way. Plus I always wondered how a plant would react growing straight into 12/12

Happy Grow :v:


The one thing my mother always told my my friend was," weed will get you through times with no money . But money won’t get you through times with no weed"!


Whats up folks. I just did a feed yesterday using General Hydroponics flower ratio using half nutes. There was some yellowing leaves before this that I simply just removed but now I got this blotchieness going on. What yall think?

Think I went to heavy on the nutes? I only feed every after straight water twice. Water water feed.


Its sister had the same problems in the beginning.

I think I’ll have to dial back the nutes a little bit. I should only have maybe 3 more feeds before I flush. Unless she really starts drinking heavy.
I know her sister was fed to heavy here. This was a little after I had put her in DWC.


Check your ph, but especially if your using LEDs, mg and cal issues are a common thing. Something about LEDs make them more hungry for magnesium and calcium. Mag-cal is a popular product, but a diy recipe was posted over on my thread recently.


Sometimes you gotta work with what you got


Its a good possibility. Im running 2 mars hydro 600. And I wasn’t adding that much cal mag to keep my PPMs down and I use tap water that I leave out for days to evaporate the chlorine. I will add some in when I water next. Thanks @Seamonkey84.


You use half strength in early flower and are concerned that you fed them too much? Early-mid flower nutrient demands are highest.

Up them feeds, they’re probably hungry. Fertilizer isn’t a bad thing.

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