Tinctures, cbd .. arthritis

I need some of your insight on tinctures , cbd … My missus is ailing with bad arthritis in her hands

Any insight on a strain or oil , tincture , etc that will be beneficial for my Sugar Magnolia’s poor hands … I rub them daily , seems to give her short term relief . Trying to avoid big pharma at all costs . Thx in advance yall . Bless up .


Best healing is integrated and purification leads to healing <3 Get truth about healthy food, become vegan, that will heal her along with some good naturopathic ailments :slight_smile:

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Truth there my friend . She likes her meat lol … I’m interested in growing a good CBD strain potentially if oils, topicals and tinctures don’t help … I heard AC/DC may be a good one … She just looked over my shoulder and said “this bitch will never stop eating meat” Lol … It’s really no laughing matter tho , she’s in constant pain , opiates never will be an option …


Her pain seems not strong enough to get rid of that programming :wink: Here, give her that to read brother


lots of love and healing energies come streaming to you too lightful souls :heart:


Thank you for taking the time . I’ll peruse that link you sent today . Much love and keep it green ! She’s 40 , it’s sad to see her suffer at such a young age …I have circulation issues too . I’m 49 … My hands cannot take cold temps , even with gloves … Feels like daggers . I know diet is important but we eat clean other than animal protein … I’m open minded to any and all input on this topic . :heart::v:

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Here is a thread all about tinctures with recipes for all that ails you.


Check out Dutch passion Charlotte’s Angel. It’s available in both photoperiod and auto flowering versions. 16% CBD and 0.3 THC.