Tips for timelapse

Hey everyone,

I’m a Belgian grower since about 2-3 years now and i recently started playing around with timelapse clips of my plants. Joined here recently and i’d love some of your input here.

I got my hand on a cheaper model camera mostly out of curiosity and started messing around with it during my current grow. I always found something mezmerizing about seeing a plants’s growth from seedling to maturity in such a way. I think timelapse videos arean awesome thing to watch and some of them really give you a lot of insight into a plants “behaviour”.

So i had my first go at it. It’s far from perfect because i’ve been messing around with the camera a lot at the start to try and get the hang of it.!AhQFgPj6N3ifi49NsKPG6R-P-IKDGQ

I’ve encountered so many things to consider that have a lot of effect on the end result. I’m thinking of stuff like:
Camera positioning
Camera settings
(how many pictures in what time, settings that compensate for the bright lights in the grow room, maybe counterbalance coloured lights, etc…)
(video speed etc)

So i wondered if any of you like tinkiering around with this or if anyone has any tips or sources to get nicer results?

I’m aware that my basic camera quality might be the most important limiting factor at a certain point but i’d still like to see what the absolute best results could be with this thing before i decide to go spending more money. Something like the good ol days of learning to drive with an old heap of a car.

Here’s the cam i’m using now btw:

Ps: don’t mind the grow itself too much. I’ve been experimenting and messing around with different things relating scrog-like grows lately. This one won’t be my best out of the lot plus i have 2 very weird looking plants in there. I’m thinking it might be some screwed genetics, but that’s a story for another day and topic.

Happy growing to you all.

Since an image gallery-thread might also need some images, here are a few from my last grow.


I don’t know anything about time lapse, unfortunately. You sure have a beautiful porch to relax on! Merry Christmas!

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I was considering a new camera; been using an IP camera but it’s… well shit. I also probably don’t need to be able to see the leaves rustle.

But a bit more relevantly… at night I see something different. Exposure time increases and frame rate drops. Instead of rustling leaves I see a seemingly static image with the occasional glitch or twitch as the plants are moving just as much as during the day. I could see that becoming a huge issue for time lapse, as my plants are not only moving subtly all the time, sometimes I take them out entirely, no promise they go back just perfect.

But I have no experience in time lapses, maybe I’m missing something. Just my two cents.

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I have been in Security quite a bit, there are time lapse dvr’s but there spendy, would have to think it may be a app for phones or computers but thats a guess.