To Flip or Not to Flip? That is the Question. 1000w hps 5x5 screen

There is some spots left open in the scrog net but I will need room to grow.

The plants in pots have been at veg a month longer then the ones in grow bags.

All plants in pots have been trained, then trained again ( exception of one runt that didn’t need it)

The plan for the plants in the grow bags who have been out of seed for almost 30 days and a
month less then the potted plants have been topped once not trained and i plan to let grow straight up making two main buds.

I think it may be time or seriously close to time. Any experienced scrogers , I am running under 1000w hps. And It is a longer taking strain. 8-10 weeks


I would flip your plants will double or more in size through the 2 week stretch and fill your net no problem.looking good.happy growing


Agree completely with SmknCanuck, if turned now should be about right to fill that screen!


I was leaning that way as well ( 1st go at scrog so I was just guessing.)
Only issue is i just, just topped a dozen of those lil branches in the middle on the come up… worried i will get split buds if i don;t wait a lil… again something I heard on a video ( Grateful Grower)

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You can wait longer before you flip and always cut back excessive over grow.

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you can give them time and trim the vegetation at the very bottoms to clean the stems where it is very shady. This will give them bigger roots and thicker stems and more potential yield.


if there is a risk of air flow deprivation. I have the screen just above the main cola after i bent it 90 and anything under it right now I will give it time to grow up make it a cola and later see. If it doesn’t stretch that much i will miss those bud sites i think, not sure.

Flip em n use the net to spread em. As they reach tuck em carefully. Thats going to fill out for you.

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Picture update. :slight_smile: Learned my floor is very cold and if I do not want to help induce hermies, I am best to get the plants off the ground and onto some kind of insulated boards.
I have been generally putting the shortest and or slowest plants directly under the light in the middle, noticing behind the bulb is darker. I am using 4x4 of 5x5 available frame really. Two weeks into budding.