Scrog help. Should i start flower?

Hey guys,
Noob on the forum, first post.

Done a few grows now but this is my first attempt to scrog.
Using 4 critical fem. By rqs
Been wondering when i should switch to flower.

Here are some pics of my 4 girls now.
Started them off in a 4-way by topping once very soon and then working them with lst.
Front two did very well so far. Back two each had 1 of the 4 branches break due to a transporting accident and haven’t filled the net quite as much yet.

Sorry for crap led-pics

Some older pics:
Switched the left 2 when putting them in the closet (home built) so best 2 plants were in the front.

Before lowering the net:

Starting the scrog:


The corners in the front are still quite empty, and there still are a lot of holes over the back 2 plants.
I wonder how much further i should take them before the switch to flowering.
And how high above the trellis i should let them grow before the switch, or what to aim for/when to stop tucking after.

It’s an exciting grow, with many new things to learn and experience. Helped me a lot so far in understanding how a plant reacts to different stimuli. Love this hobby

Thx for reading guys


Looking good! I’d flip ASAP personally they’re going to stretch quite a bit once they start flowering. You might want to grab a second screen to put about a foot above the existing one as well for extra support and training.


Was thinking abot the 2nd net too. Wasn’t sure i’d need it but better to have it beforehand i guessed.

Will start flowering this week then.
probably upload a pic now and then to record progress


Nicely done
you can flip and still train them for the next week
I tent to let mine go bet
I also supper crop mine as well when the bran get too big and hit the lights

I defoliate weeks 1 ,3
And lightly on week 5
Good luck


Yup im with this one. Flip em n tuck to fill as they try to stretch.


Under the net looks great needs to be clean
I just flipped my big tent 2 days ago and defoliated all large leaves and anything blocks light or air movement
Don’t be afraid of removing small branches that are growing below the canopy and will never see much light that energy will go to build the bigger bud
Some times it pays to hang a second net for support ( some strains get lanky and long legged )
I sometimes run my net up the sides of the tent for more support

When they get tall supper crop and bending will come in handy