Vernal's Basement Follies

Here’s the seed plants! 3-ish weeks to go. Killed the males, everything is looking 100% seeded.

Haley smells insane. Like the Bandaid Haze but darker, more leathery, mustier. Less floral/soapy notes. Reeks ferociously. Structure is worse than Bandaid, but it has other merits.

Got a new hood. I had been using a small cheap Sun Star (got a great deal on it), switched to a Yield Master that’s twice the size (the reflectors I had used in the past). I was wondering why my yields weren’t quite where I wanted them to be, I think a lot of it had to do with my inefficient reflector and poor light coverage.

I love SE HPS but the reflector is important, larger reflectors also reduce airflow on the bulb itself, allowing the buIb to run at a higher temperature, which is more efficient. Larger square reflectors seem to put more light straight down rather than at a wide angle. I wanted a 6" Blockbuster which is even bigger, but they seem to be discontinued.


Very good looking male!!


looks like you’ll have a couple of beans to spare.



:point_up::point_up:…yeah what he said…lol

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Might do like a server fund donation thing if there’s interest with a dozen packs or so.


There was mention about an auction in Feb as a fund raiser.



TK x G13HP #3 (keeper cut) about 52 days or so, fully seeded. Male flowers just stuck right to it, very tacky resin. Extremely dank OG kush type smell on a G13HP structure. Beautiful plant, lucky to have her. For many people this would “check all the boxes” though it is rather leafy, then again it’s so frosty only a light trim is necessary.

Hailey Piff. Man does this plant stink. Leathery dank basement incense. Fully seeded at 60 days or so. Floppy like trainwreck. I hate floppiness but this is so lovely. Have a big one in veg to replace the seeded gal.


What Male you hit them with


Doc D’s Bandaid Haze IX 3.0.

This male was shorter, lime green, and the smelliest.

Females this round were Bandaid Haze (2 plants), the Hailey cut, Triangle Kush x '88 G13/HP, '88 G13/HP, '79 Christmas Bud, and Mordida (Nierika Acapulco Gold x Nierika Zipolite Oaxacan).

the Mordida x Bandaid will be too tropical for most people to grow. Hailey x Bandaid and Bandaid F2 will be appreciated by most haze enthusiasts; real funeral home/church smell.

[(TK x G13HP) x Bandaid Haze] is a copy of Doc D’s “Black Bobo”. That will probably be the “dankest” of the crosses. Doc D’s TK x G13HP is different than mine however. His looks more Triangle Kush dominant, mine favors the father’s side. Different '88 G13/HP male, too. His is from Bodhi stock, mine is from Farmer Joe. Though, they are very similar. Same mother, father from same inbred line.

'79 Christmas Bud and '88 G13/HP crosses are both pure old-time inbred Afghan lines, which should dramatically shorten stretch and reduce flower time a couple weeks, with an extra side vigor. '88 G13HP smells like skunky hairspray, 79 Christmas Bud smells like lemony hash and spice. These are seriously inbred plants, each plant sorta looks like a copy of the other, and vigor is very low. Not something you’d grow for anything other than breeding material, but I expect neat results from the pairing, especially the Christmas Bud x Bandaid.


I got docs headbanger f2’s
Bshb f2
Chocolate trip f2’s

Joey’s yo momma f2’s
Black Afghani f2’s
And Mutter


That sounds spectacular…especially the tk, and 79 crosses to bandaid haze…good shit bro✌


In 2 weeks my Doc D 91 SKVA x Afkansastan/X18 plants are hitting flower. 2 very large girls.

I have some Floating Buddha (Lemon Thai x Headbanger) in the vault for later.

I’d love to see you grow the Headbanger’s out!


There supposed to be Karma’s cut, I believe.


Probably gonna be fall now it’s gonna get ran with it’s mom SourD ibl from Rez
And Sourstar from hortilab


@santero Very excited for these. Right up my alley.

Also have five Super Silver Haze x '89 Super Skunk going, and four Afghani #1 x Super Silver Haze F3.

From these, I’ll select 5-6 females to flower. As always, I’m looking for something that smells incredible.


4 of the Afghani #1 x Super Silver Haze F3 (Cannarado) by Farm Guy.

8 of the Cheetos (Exodus Cheese x Sour Diesel IBL) by @santero. All 10 came up but 2 were lagging so I culled them. Space is always tight.

Not pictured: 5 Super Silver Haze x 89 Super Skunk.

Hailey Piff. She didn’t take the Bandaid Haze pollen very well, but she is some rowdy dank. I did get a couple dozen seeds to look through, though.

On that front, the seed run was successful. Hailey barely took any pollen, Green Bandaid Haze only made a few hundred seeds, everything else produced quite a few. There are thousands. Christmas Bud x Bandaid Haze beans are plentiful and absolute coconuts, everything else is smaller and lighter.

After this seed run, we’ll start sifting through the Bandaid Haze crosses. I am particularly excited about the Christmas Bud x Bandaid Haze.



Not much to show off, babies are little and flowering plants are only 20 days in, but here’s Mango Haze x Snow Lotus BX1 by @GrowHard. This is the tallest and probably the overall largest plant in the garden, even Bandaid Haze and Hailey are a tad shorter. You can tell this one is gonna be enormous. Only selected female from 11 seeds. A few plants were small, runty, others were male but this one shined early on. This plant smells in veg too, this and the one Chem 91 SKVA x Afkansastan/X18 were the smelliest and most vigorous of 25 plants.

Here we have 4 of the Super Silver Haze x 89 Super Skunk by @Farmerjoe420 (already selected one female, have room for 1 more from the remaining 3). The mother is the “lost phenotype” an old cut that supposedly best represents what SSH is all about. Farmer Joe told me Arjan sampled it and thought it was close to the original. Maybe it’s Shanti’s cut that floats around, maybe something else. An awful lot of SSH beans have been sold and grown in the last 20+ years who knows. The female I selected looks nice, I killed a male, waiting to see about the other 3.

There are also 4 of the Afghani #1 x Super Silver Haze F3 (Cannarado; hazey selection) by a dude on IG called Farm Guy. Sporting big Jurassic leaves from the get-go. I have room for 1 female from these.

And we also have 7 of the Cheetos by @santero. Culled 3/10 runtier seedlings, a week from today I’ll have it down to 5-6. From those 5-6 I’ll select 2-3 females to run. Most plants look surprisingly uniform so far. Makes sense, Cheese is Skunk #1 which is an inbred line crossed to Sour Diesel inbred line. I shouldn’t keep a male since I have so much other stuff going on but I might if I have space.


The story I got about the SSH cut that was used was this cut was originally found by a member of the Chem fam in mass back in the day.
Recently, the person who passed her around to a few of us , met Arjan at a cannabis event. He smoked him out and Arjan was very impressed with it.
He said it reminded him of the early 90’s cup winner and that type of pheno is no longer found in modern SSH offerings.


Fantastic. Thanks for stopping in and providing the details. Already have 2 females selected to the next run. Once again, they’re all nice plants which makes culling before flower a little more difficult. One’s taller and more gracile, other is shorter and stinks fierce already.


Chem 91 SKVA cut x Afkansastan/X18 Pakistani by Doc D at 27 days from flip. Her sister is flowering too, a little taller, seems more chem 91 dominant than this one, but this one was far smellier in veg and had the chunky structure, and I literally ran out of space so this is the one I have a clone backed up of. I can always get a re-veg if the other sister ends up being to die for. This one looks like all bud top to bottom and is directly under the light as the shortest plant in the tent. Hopefully I get a solid yield. 5 z’s would be nice. Smells kind of bubblegummy to be honest.

So far though the Mango Haze x Snow Lotus by @GrowHard is the best looking plant. Smells like citrus windex.