Vivosun Perpetual Grow Tent

Hold on bro, you still got a factor in your soil mix and pots. And any additional amendments. Oh and if you’re going to do a compost tea.

My recommendations:
Roots organics - original blend
Nature’s living soil amendment
Diatomaceous earth- natural pesticide especially fungus gnats
Biothrive as foliar spray
Hydrogen peroxide for seedlings

Boogie brew compost tea (plus air pump)
Watering can

Temperature controlled space heater
Smart plugs if you have a home system
A germination mat- seedlings prefer warmer
Pruning scissors


@Potsy holy crap!

ive already spent so much money on this setup. i probly cant afford all that fancy stuff just yet… maybe for my next strain if this one works.

Roots organics stuff looks great but its 45$ shipping. i simply cant afford to drop 100$ on dirt right now.

my seedlings are in this

i ordered this dirt cuz it was the only one with free shipping

my last grow in this room i brought a plant in from outside he was ravaged by spider mites… so ill keep htat diatomaceous earth in mind.

that biothrive stuff looks dank ill definatly get some of that soon.

wtf does rubbing alcohol have to do with seedlings???

whats molasses for again?

“boogie brew” so misting tea on ur dope helps now? plz explain more.
ima have to bite the bullet on a watering can sooner or later but this is all still coming at me very fast
u can put a space heater in a grow tent? sounds like a fire hazard.
i live in an extremely dry place i doubt i will need a dehumidifier
is there actually a germination mat u can buy? i saw a guy use a pencil case on this site with amazing results altho my girls popped fine on a dinner plate.
i have 1 shitty pair of scissors i use for everything. when im rich ill grab some cool plant shears.

thankyou for giving me a lot to think about potsy. ill have to check out some of your grows later.


Bro over the years I’ve accumulated a shit ton of stuff for this hobby take it slow add things as you need you can do this on the cheap

A good compost tea recipe

1 gallon of your potting mix
1 tablespoon of Un sulfurated molasses
1 tablespoon of Epson salts

This is a great base as well as a tea by itself

For instance add blood meal it’s a good veg tea
Add bone meal it’s a good bloom tea

Room dust is also good to use

I also like to add bat poop lol :joy:

Add 3 or so gallons of water add a air stone and air pump Let Brew at least 24 to 48 hours

I would strain clean add 2 gallon of clean water and you got the good stuff


Bro I gave you the cheaper version lol. Soil it’s something you don’t want to underestimate. I know it’s a lot of money.

Do you have any Lowe’s or garden centers near you? Or what about hydroponic shops?

You can use other shit. It’s just my preferred. A regular size bag you can pick up at the hydroponic shop for about 20 bucks. Alternatively you also have other soils you can use as well. The one that you are using… Let me shut up and actually take a look at it.

I would probably recommend just doing a straight compost tea as a bare minimum. You can also make your own shit to add into it as well. Like drying out banana peels.

If you do go full on into this, you’ll want to mix your super soil/ livingsoil ahead of time. Like at least a month. Otherwise it’s too hot.

All right let me slow down… I will get back to you in a moment.

The nature’s living soil- that is something you can add to your soil mix to bump it up into the super soil/living soil category. But I also don’t know how big your pots are and there’s a bunch of other stupid variables to think about. It’s a link to their site. Same thing with the boogie Brew.

I don’t mean to be a pain in the ass but it’s not just all gadgets and gizmos. If that’s the route you want to take, then you want to do more of hydroponics. Soil is a different form of art.

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All right so I finally looked into that soil mix. Because it is for seedlings, it’s not very strong. It’s suitable for growing a marigold, but it will not sustain a cannabis plant.

If you want to get into growing, if you’re using piss poor soil, you’re not going to get great results. And then you’re going to think what the fuck did I spend all my money on.

I’m saying that that soil is fine for now. But my point is that you want to amend it. I get you don’t have a shit ton of money. That’s why I said that nature’s living crap to add to your soil will help out tremendously. It’s because you don’t have all of the other weird shit to add.

How much research did you do into your lights? And then I ask how much research did you do into your soil?

Don’t get it in the foliar spray. That’s a weak bullshit solution. You’ll just be buying it again soon. You want it in concentrate for best bang.

Hydrogen peroxide. Not rubbing alcohol.
Hydrogen peroxide has a few different uses throughout your garden. Hydrogen peroxide can help out new plants from dampening off and root rot. I think it works because of the oxygen that adds to it. I don’t know but it works. I’m still learning the whys. I’ve never really been all the eloquent.

Plus you will want to sterilize things. You might need to sterilize some of that fresh peat moss that you have just bought. Or your cutting tools. Pots. I don’t know man stuff. LOL

It’s to feed The little people in your soil. If you have a good living soil, you want to feed your bacteria. I am a cheap ass and use jello. The sugar feeds the bacteria. The gelatin protein gets broken down by your bacteria and enzymes. It becomes a slow release nitrogen to feed your leaves.

I do have a question now. What the hell were you planning to add for your NPK? I’m so confused in what you wanted to do.

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… Look bro… Anything can be a fire hazard. A space heater is no more dangerous than hanging a light.

Environment is a huge huge fucking thing too. That’s the whole whole reason everyone buys a damn tent. That and for light control.

What temperature is in your tent now both lights on and lights off temperature.

Where is your tent? Is it in the basement? Is it in the attic?

My basement is pretty chilly. Way too cold for my cannabis ladies. I have to use a space heater to get the temperature up to around 70 F plus it keeps that temperature consistent. I’m not having stupid huge spikes.

If you’re in the attic and it gets really hot, you might actually need an air conditioner. You’re not trying to grow hair here. You’re growing cannabis.

How much you want to bet you won’t need a dehumidifier?
That tent will have a climate of its own. Completely separate than outside. I’m running out of brain juice to explain why you need a dehumidifier. Maybe someone else can step up for that one. I’m sorry honey.

It’s like if you go take a shower. Do you notice that it gets a little bit more humid in the bathroom?
He won’t need a dehumidifier for a while though. Not until flowering and More than likely when you start drying everything out. They also have machines for all that crap. I don’t really know enough about that though. I haven’t gotten that far.

Yes they have them. I don’t know any other type hacks off hand. You can do that research for whatever you want to do. But basically our seedlings like warmth. If it’s too cold they are going to stall. And then you’ll be super frustrated. I don’t know the temperature you’re growing in.

You could probably use a heated blanket or heated throw underneath. There are options.

Germinating… Yes that’s totally different than what I’m actually talking about. I’m talking about your baby plant growing up. This isn’t a super high priority I don’t think. Like I said I don’t know your temps and other shit


Not his potting mix. His potting mix is promix organic seed germinating.

All I was really able to find even on their safety data sheet was that it is
Perlite 5-11 percent
Peat moss 68 to 75%
Peat hummus 5 to 10%

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@pux dont over think things, I just use promix and perlite. And started with the cheap advanced nutrients 3 part. After putting in my divider (now 2x2 flower area) I flowered 4 plants finishing about 2-4 weeks apart all around 2oz dried each. As long as you’ve got air circulation and exchange you’ll grow some bud

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All right broster… I am sorry if I sound harsh… is so not my intent. I’m a little brass is all

I have a couple of links I highly suggest you check out I’ve been talking to this dude. I’m telling you he’s smart. And he’s come up with a great method for consistent results. He takes the stupid out of it. He mainly does autoflowers. But if you want to do photos you can adapt it for them. It’s just a different blend. Same price point I think … Ish.

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@pux Heater in grow tent can work
Always keep electrical above water
I keep all wiring 3 ft above all water

If worried about fire always do wire inspection and clean small fans to keep moving freely

Also fire extinguisher or passive fire suppression


Touching on the space heater, I use one in the winter. It is a small one meant for offices. I keep it off the floor of the tent because I obviously don’t want water anywhere near it. There is a small button on the bottom to shut it off should it somehow tip over. It really does the job. I was concerned that the exhaust fan would just suck the heat out but it does not. I have it set up to a thermostat so it cycles on and off, depending on desired temp. Really works well.


Right on. Definitely agree