West Indes shipping?

Peace OG. I have a question for all of my West Indian massive. How are U getting beans and where are U located? I have a friend that I wanna send beans to but he is nervous about how I send them. I have gotten beans from UK here to US and have had no trouble. I showed him the way on which it came to me and he was not convinced it would work. Therefore I told him I would ask around here to see if I can research more in depth and possibly come with a better solution.
So again to recap… I am in US mainland and want to send to someone in Barbados. I dont have multiple packs to send so I need to get it right from the tip. Any and all advice is much appreciated. Stay safe…be well. :fist:t6: :person_in_lotus_position:t6:‍♂


I kinda doubt Barbadian Customs is an impenetrable barrier against weed seeds. People grow weed there haha.

A few dozens seeds can fit easily in the seam of a t-shirt for example. Inside a DVD case. A pack of tomato seeds refilled with ganja seeds. In the spine of a book, a toy with seeds where the battery goes.A box of tea with one teabag full of seeds. It really isn’t hard; you’re not mailing a brick of coke, just a few legal seeds.

I’ve mailed seeds internationally, dozen countries. All the big Euro seedbanks ship worldwide. It makes it 95+% of the time.


i´m in EU,so i don´t know much bout Barbados-Costums, but i don´t think there is a problem sending seeds to the islans from the US. Barbados belongs to the Commonwealth,no? perhaps they do have not much restrictions on importing Seeds…similar to the UK

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