What Kind of Stereo do You Have?

After I smoke a couple bowls I take a drive to the middle of a field somewhere and jam!!
3 10 in. Alpine subs, 4 400 watts amps, three for the subs and one for the 6x9’s. Head unit is also Alpine running 2 Memphis 5x7’s in the front. People don’t like the house unit…


Sometimes I turn my Alexa up to level 4 :laughing:


No frills cheap Sony Xplod HU, forget the amp and wattage, Alpine Type R sub. I forget what I put in the doors, nothing crazy but decent.

I just upgraded my home stereo in April though (which means a buddy was upgrading his and I lucked out lol). It’s an older Onkyo receiver but it’s THX certified and sounds great. Sony floor speakers I’ve had (not huge on Sony in general but these were speakers that everyone was raving about when they came out despite being Sony) sounded good with my old receiver but holy shit the difference with the Onkyo pushing them. I’ve got a Denon surround speaker set which I’m using the 10" powered sub and center channel from. I have older Pioneer tri-poles mounted high as rears too. If I can figure out where to mount the middle speakers that wouldn’t look dumb or be in the way I will, not looking promising.

There’s not a floor I can’t vibrate in this house :laughing:

I play mostly Backstreet Boys and Abba though.


Cambridge head unit pushing a klipsch 5.2


Very nice brother… I speaka the language… lol

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Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) routed through two Klipsch The Sixes. (for stereo)

Headphone rig: (ran through XLR off the Cambridge)

Monolith Amp paired w/ Beyerdynamics 1770 Pro’s


Back in the day I had Onkyo & Nakamichi, they were the best…Onkyo for the house and Nakamichi in my cars…


Bedroom: 5.2 DTS surround at 75w peak per channel and an active sub running at 100w peak.
Garden: 5.1 DTS surround at 50w peak per channel and a passive sub running around 75w peak.
Skull: Titanium Aftershocks; bone conductor headphones so I can hear the birds and rock out.
Backyard: BluTooth speaker doing it’s best in an open space.
2005 Yaris RE: Stock stereo played loud enough that the failing bearing in my water pump doesn’t bother me. :+1:


Got a Aiwa exos9. I like it.

The sunroom upstairs is where we spend most of our time. It has a 50" screen with a Nakamichi soundbar that contains 5 little speakers. It has two rear channels as well, each attached to a sub, so it provides 7.2 and can “simulate” Dolby Atmos.

I have a big system in the basement. The amp is adequate but nothing special. It drives a pair of JBL Studio 590s which I LOVE!!! I have a sub connected which I don’t really need for two channel music listening - the 590s have two 8" woofers each - but it adds to the movie watching experience (65" screen with LED immersion lighting behind it).

I’m not running speakers in my office currently. I run an A>D converter and pre-amp combo between the computer and my Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones. This is where I work on the audio recordings that I make…

Stock stereo in the car works fine for me. I don’t drive much - certainly not compared to my Road Warrior days (3 hours commuting every day!!!). I fill up once a month now (hybrid car, 4 mile commute) instead of every other day.

I’m a dinosaur from the hard-wired era, but recently started collecting wireless Bluetooth devices. I won some Bose earbuds through work, have a cheap over-the-ear pair with noise cancelling, have a small “cube” speaker for travel (from Anker, it does wired and wireless), and was recently given a JBL “clip” speaker which I plan to attach to my disc golf bag for tunes on the course this summer. I haven’t used the latter yet…


On my first Onkyo and am very happy with it.


Gods its been years since my last big stereo. My brand new Rav 4 in 1996 got two 2 10" MTX BlackGold subs, Alpine surrounds and (gasp) tweeters, powered by a Soundesign 1000 watter for the Subs and MTX for the surrounds. Alpine head unit and a nice eq under it.

That car rattled like a paint shaker. I ended up spending close to grand on just Dyna Mat installation, lol. It souded amazing after that.

I probably had $4000 in mid 90s money total.

Once, in Milwaukee, a bike cop lasered me at an intersection for noise violation. I was 560 feet away from him. Totally worth the ticket. I always showed that thing off. Gone to the years now.

Nowadays I have Sony Bluetooth NR buds, an over the ear pair, Alexa, and Amazon music.


Running a 2.1 system in my living room. Going to upgrade the receiver eventually and add another 12 sub or upgrade to a 15.

Receiver - Yamaha RX-V385
L/R speakers - Power sound audio MTM210
Subwoofer - rythmik FVX12


Denon A/V 7.1 Surround receiver. 70w x 7 channels…

Polk Audio towers, Polk Audio 10" 350w powered subwoofer…
Polk Audio center channel, you want your tweeters to match on your front set.
3 Surround rear speakers with rear center channel 7.1. Rear speakers are
bookshelf Acoustek with horn tweeters that sound amazing…

I bargain shopped for all of this… found the Acoustek Speakers on craigslist for $100 for 4. He had no idea what he had, tried to hook them up to his TV and said they sounded horrible… bought one of them amplified speakers and put these away, still had plastic on them… $249 pair.

Now, living in a 55+ park I now have to wait for storms to really crank things up… although neighbors don’t seem to mind either so… pretty cool.

Tomorrow the Ohio St vs Penn St game will be cranked up for sure…

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Blue Circle BC2 monoblock amps
Blue Circle BC3 Galatea preamp
Blue Circle BC23 phono preamp
Oracle Delphi Mk II turntable
Shanling CDT100 CD Transport
Totem Wind speakers

And about 2000 vinyl lps and 1600 cds

Been a while since I heard the word preamp in a home stereo… I recall when serious rockers would have a preamp going to each speaker… music production has come a long way, I miss my turntable big time. down to 2 albums, both Led Zep… Double live…

Used to be into car stereo back in late 80’s, ran 1000w of alpine in my 85 Cadillac Fleetwood Broham sled… Free air woofers, sealed the trunk and put 4 12" Blaupunkt competition series free air woofers, MB Quartz speakers… not bad. and still have my hearing, huh, still have my hearing, WHAT… I said…


Saw this thread pop up and realized I didn’t update it. My Onkyo gave out (it was older so I can’t really bitch) and I went with the Denon 2760H receiver and I’m loving it. Packed with features but more importantly it sounds pretty damn good. It’s 7.2 and I end up adding a mid tier Monprice sub for the second sub. Will probably get some up firing Atmos speakers at some point and do away with my sides or rears.


Photos of my setup …better late than never


I’ve still got the same gear I posted before, but have a new listening space. At work I share an office with a guy and we have a lot of overlap in our musical tastes. I brought in a Class D amp and a pair of decent bookshelf speakers. We play a lot of reggae and funk but can’t run a sub as it would disturb the offices around us. It’s a nice little setup for the space though.

My entire setup has changed since I posted last and it’s a huge improvement. I’m running 5.2.2 now and it sounds insane. Denon 2670h receiver is an entry level price wise but not sound wise. 2 Klipsch Reference towers with Atmos upfiring speakers on top, Klipsch 34C center, Polk dipole/bipole selectable rears mounted high which turned out to be perfect placement, 10" Denon sub right, 10" Monoprice sub left.

I didn’t have any true Atmos mixed things to watch until the other day when I watched the 4k UHD Saving Private Ryan and it sounded absolutely incredible. Just picked up Annihilation to watch tonight too. Music sounds super crisp and clear too which might even be more important to me. Alice In Chains unplugged sounds like they’re in the room. The drums sound insane and you can make out pick strikes on the guitar. I’ve achieved listening perfection, or at least the pinnacle of what I’m spending on it for quite awhile!

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