What picture size for upload?

I use a batch routine in Photoshop to resize, makes it super easy to do a big group of photos with a couple clicks, and can even add in slight color correction and such if needed.

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i wonder if this is possible with gimp? (open source alternative)

i believe it is, only used gimp a little bit though.

GIMP has BIMP (batch manipulation plugin)

IrfanView has batch mode too :wink: tutorial here and video tutorial here


thank you was very quick to install


The next pics I upload will be size adjusted.

I wonder, if I were to replace my pics how long until the server deletes unused pictures?

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If you delete link to image from your post you will effectively tell the system that it is unused. These unused files are delete after 30 days.

But I think that it is not necessary to go backwards and replace pics…

I’ll probably optimize unnecessarily large photos automatically at one point using server side operation.


I think that you are mistaken.

Yes, PNG is lossless format, but it is not meant for photos in any way! PNG has features like fading and transparency which photos don’t need and also has limits on size of color palette which makes photos look weird.

JPG (JPEG) format is greatly optimized for camera photography. It was inspired how human eye functions and the loss is there for the good and is practically unnoticable (when using quality level 75-80 that I recommended)

Whatever you do, just don’t use PNG for photos, the resulting file would be much bigger than same JPEG.


yes i’m probably mistaken, i am assuming from seeing PNGs always being much smaller than the same image in JPG on imageboards. i guess it’s for graphic designing etc ?

Exactly. It is great for apps and limited palette icons with large areas of same color.

lol there goes my plan of converting all my images to png to save space :joy: thanks for clarifying


What kind of camera? Are you able to shoot in raw? Try shooting in jpeg or web mode. Most camera makers have rudimentary software for batch editing their photo files.

I try to crop out extraneous data, but don’t always. Will start from now on. Save for web in adobe has come a long way and can do a nice job at squashing sizes, but if you’re unfamiliar it would be daunting to learn.

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My Camera is a d90 Nikkon. it does have several raw settings under picture quality. Should I have it on raw?

Curve ball.

I’d shoot in raw, but then you have to process them before you can save as web ready files. Shooting in raw would get you best quality photos and allows you more control over how it’s processed into the final image. You may have an option to shoot one photo but save two files. (Raw and Jpg).

Cell phone cameras have the save hdr as well as function in them, so do most “real” cameras.

Shoot in raw and process them if you want to keep the higher quality photos for ever and reuse them in printed applications later.

Shoot in jpeg if the pics are for web use and smaller prints and you won’t really repurpose them later.


Ok when I get back home I will post the raw options I have

Hello,I’m kinda baffled here with my cell camera, trying to get picture size as small as possible, older Moto phone, appreciate any help, thank you

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Resizing and photo post-production (color corrections, saturation, exposure compensation, sharpening, cropping, noise reduction) is recommended, but optional.

You can now upload photos from your cell directly as they are if they don’t exceed 10MB or 13 Mpx. We are doing proper resizing on our side.

Be sure to upload JPG files only. See more in this topic: