How to upload photos to Overgrow 📸

Question: Hello HydroPower think things are looking a bit better I have some pics if you would like a look but unsure how to load them up thanks for your reply it’s really appreciated thanks


Upload from mobile

From iPhone when you click Reply, this dialog window comes up:

Click marked icon for upload .
In next step choose the source of upload (Camera or Photo Library)


Upload from computer

You can drag-and-drop up to 5 images at once into reply window.

How do I know that upload is completed?

After you drop the file into composer window, it will be transferred to our server. In the meantime you will see this message:

It will be replaced with actual image once it is processed.

Upload is complete when you see the actual image in preview pane on the right side of composer window.

EXIF / Metadata

We strip all metadata including EXIF from all uploaded files.

Other things to consider

Use proper format

Don’t use screenshots for photos. They are in PNG format and that is the worst choice when comes to photos. Every time use JPG/JPEG format for photos.

Resize and compress your photos

As a part of photo processing (adjusting contrast, levels, cropping photo), if you have the knowledge please resize and compress your photos little bit. You are saving resources of Ovegrow and upload will be much faster.

For tips on how to crop, resize and compress photos, see this topic:

How to upload video?

Videos cannot be uploaded to OG, but can be inserted from other sites (e.g. Youtube) Please see this topic:


If it is reasonably sized jpeg file, you can upload them easily - by drag-and-dropping them from your Desktop or file browser right into Message Composer…

Hello HydroPower I’ve taken the photos on my phone and I’m not sure how to upload them from my phone to my iPad any help would be greatly appreciated thanks for your time

You can upload them from the phone directly… Just use the “Upload” link at the right bottom of Message Composer. It will show you dialog where you can choose from your iPhone or iPad Photo Gallery.

Ile give it a try on my iPhone to see if I can let you see a few pics as they are looking good ATM I’m not sure what to do

Hello HydroPower I’ve got them on my iPad now but unsure how to add them to Overgrow any help here would be appreciated

Use upload button in Composer toolbar - Tap this icon

It will bring up Upload dialog where you can upload photos from your device or from other website. Tap “Choose Files” button to make iOS offer you your iPad’s Gallery.

I don’t know what’s up with the uploading??? It just a keeps saying uploading 0% then saved.

You need to wait little bit more. Actually “saved” means only that draft of your post was saved…

Don’t hit reply until “Uploading…” is replaced by actual <img> tag.

If you have troubles uploading more images at once, try to upload them one by one.

It also can be issue of image size - then try to resize image to lower resolution before uploading.

For resizing (making image smaller) you can use free utilities:

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I am assuming most take photo’s etc with their phones and post here? Is this true? Is this a dead giveaway and it puts who you really are on everything? Quazay legal state here and i hope they dont care about my medicine

Fortunately, the good folks at OG scrub all of the data off every picture posted.

You, and most others, should be safe.



Exactly. We strip all metadata including EXIF from all uploaded files.


This is the exact reason I finally made an account here. Couldn’t trust making logs anywhere else. I like your style @LemonadeJoe :wink::v:


I’ve been trying lol says unable because of low memory. Anything you recommend? I tried lowering the quality by taking a screenshot but nope

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“Low memory” doesn’t look like message from our server…
Are you able to upload somewhere else? e.g.
You can then post the link…

P.S. don’t use screenshots… They are in PNG format and that is the worst choice when comes to photos. Every time use JPG for photos.


This happens on Android devices running Chrome or the built-in browser. Means just what it says phone doesnt have enough memory to pre-cache the upload.

I’ve found using a different browser like Firefox for Android to be a viable workaround.


Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Ok. This should be fun. Who wants to play " help the computer illiterate moron ( UPSTATE of course) again? I would like to upload a photo from my phone. Also would like to know how to get a pic from a digital camera to here. It may be hopeless. If it’s really complicated then forget it.


I have updated how-to in first post.


It says that I have no pictures or videos in my library when I try to upload an image.
Have to many programs and I barely have time to do what I do let alone having to resize & edit pictures just to post them.