What picture size for upload?

Hey amigos I want to set up my camera so I can take pictures from my camera and upload them without having to resize them. Does anyone know what is the largest size I can set my camera on megapixel wise.

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My experience here suggest you can upload a big big big picture like 4000mp x 3000mp…
but a 1600 x 1200 is good enough and it doesn’t eat up space that cost the site money… my .02


I like to crop and scale my pictures. I crop them to 3:4 (I prefer it to 16:9) and resize them to 1024x768. I then optimize them for the web. I like them to load fast :wink:


I’m a drag and dropper straight from the camera SD card…


do you crop and scale with your camera or a program?

I have a Canon powershot that lets me program it to size pics I want… from like 900 x 600 to 6000 x 4500

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Exactly. I can second that opinion… There are not many lenses that can use higher Mpix resolution.

You need bigger resolution only for print and 1600x1200 would be already fine for A4 print!

Some members are even using some light compression (e.g. using IrfanView) which can offer great results with this resolution, keeping good quality and getting size under 300 kilobytes… I appreciate it:)

It is a paradox, because some uploads are way more than say 3000 x 2000 pixels, but these are often done with phone cameras which have so bad lens that looking at actual pixels you only see blurred pic. That is a waste of disk space…


i resize my pictures to 1920 x whatever, as i crop them as well, but i do so as really large pictures aren’t needed and can be a pain for people who aren’t running large displays, and a waste of space.

I also remove my exif data, as say a cell phone were you have location data allowed, any picture that you take will have that info in it.


Our system removes EXIF and other metadata automatically! :smiley:


sweet didn’t know that, been an old habit for any pictures i upload


Are my pictures the right size? I don’t know about all that.

My camera’s smallest setting is 2144x1424 3.1M

Is this to big? Should I resize them ?

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Yours are actually pretty big :smiley:

4000x3000 but there is not much information in those pixels… If I look at your photo at “actual pixels” size it is very blurred

Original picture

Cropped actual pixels

It is 4000x3000 and 2.05 MB

Say 1600 x 1200 and 400 KB would be much better.

If you have PC, you can use Irfanview to open it and than Save as… and use some settings to put it down…


Should i try to do something about it?

Desktop PC (Windows)

Download IrfanView

Top toolbar, click Image -> Resize/resample

Set new size: Units: pixels and set Width: 1600 (height adjusts automatically)

Or select some standard dimension on the right…

Then OK

And then Save as.… and set 75 - 80 as quality level for JPEG.

Typical photo from mobile phone has 4000x3000 px and 4 MB (megabytes). Using described method with irfanview you can easily get pic resolution to 1600 x 1200 pixel size and file size under 400 KB (kilobytes). It will keep needed details (for web viewing) but save disk space effectively, because resulting file size is 10x smaller! So you can keep webmaster happy and upload 10x more photos! :smiley:


On iPhone I’m using free app called Desqueeze that can resize batch of photos automatically.



I did it! I did it! :grin:


here is a free pic resizer I’ve used for years… can do a whole bunch at once or one at the time to any size you want…


I’m very glad for this @LemonadeJoe thank you!

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you can use MS paint to resize by percentage (ie 25%, 50%, 200%)

also if your camera can use PNG, its a lossless format meaning the image can be saved smaller with no loss in quality unlike jpeg which is lossy. much smaller filesizes.

i still delete all exif data manually so i can share via email etc without worrying, but that is great feature indeed!

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