What’s your JACK’S recipe?

I was wanting to get everyone’s inputs that are currently running J.R. Peters Jack’s in CoCo,
With pics if applicable, so that others as well as myself could experiment. Please also include grow room environment temps, humidity.
Include your Ph as well.
Thank you hope we can get some good feedback.


Glad to help where I can.

Rather than repost pics, here’s a link to my grow with coco/jacks.


Oh great thanks man I’m headed to the classroom now! :pray:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for the post - my 50lb of Jack A&B are setting in my room -
Also got 4 lbs of Epsom at Menards for $2.86 - [over in the beauty section, LOL - just saying…]


Hey man,

Might want to check this thread out. Lots of information there, about Jacks but also other blends. Found out about Masterblend there which I have been using happily for a couple of months now.

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I run straight 321 from start to finish. 1.8 EC, 5.8 to 6.2 pH.

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