What's your organic soil recipe?

I read about this in the past. Terra Preta (sp?). We think we are so advanced in today’s modern age. Some of the best Farmers on Earth existed more than 2000 years ago. I don’t understand why this isn’t common practice worldwide to use biochar when available. Especially in developed countries that know the benefits of it, and have the ability to spread the word to all up-and-coming farmers. Dow and various other chemical companies can’t make their money off of biochar now can they? I’m going to go ahead and use that ham is on ( dang phone)(edit… Amazon, not ham is on) sand as you call it when I transplant the next time. I’ll have to go light on it due to the weight, but I wish I didn’t have to. Oh that legalization were upon us!!!


Yup, just like the legalization thing. Drug companies can’t make a profit off of Marijuana. We’ve been fighting them for years. It’s all about the big money now, sad. It makes my morals ache.

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yes that way of making bio char works just have to shift threw coals and throw away any pieces that still have un chared wood.a 55 gallon drum with a stove pipe attached to top for chimmey with away to control air from entering bottom will keep your wood from competely burning up it you or a diy person


How do you get root debris?

Rabbits rabbits rabbits I feed them and pet them and love them and they poop out…magic!!!

my auto mix is 1 part “garden compost” 1 part “super soil” compost 1 part organic promix

garden compost is-my old soil/root balls composted with normal yard and garden debri as well as select kitchen scraps allot of coffee some castings and char and my magic rabbit poop

Super soil- this is the subcool recipe or there about you know blood bone meal guano etc I bu the charge packs now at least hit my worm bin some extra perlite and myco I love this stuff

I only grow in 3 gallon pots so a batch of both lasts me forever someday I’ll get better more worm bins I want to try no till etc. I know this is nothing special except them furry poop making machines you could grow in a pile of it and it won’t burn the plants “cold manure” I love it


simple soil recipes or the best east to make adjustment if needed peace.


Yeah we have a Giant Flemish rabbit. She poops like a Clydesdale. It makes great worm food, I’ve put worm bins under rabbit coops in the past. Can’t do it with the Giant Flemish because she needs more room.


We had a flemish in the past and yeah you would think it was a pile of horse poop right now we have 2 dutch and a mini lop they are magical poop making machines for sure


I have several cages of the 4 legged sh*$ factories myself. My mother brings buckets when she comes to visit. The stuff is great to help all my plants.
I had not read it anywhere, but I started adding this to my supersoil right out of the gate. I thought, why not. It has always done a great job for all other plants.
I put a whole cage of rabbits over my strawberry bed last winter. Some of the strawberries got too much nitrogen and died. The rest of them look like they are on steroids now. They were already in my first batch of supersoil, so the microbes got supercharged over the winter.


from what I’ve read It is packed with nitrogen pretty much bioavailable right out there butts so yeah little brown pellet gold

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My wife and I were just talking about this as well. My last several batches of soil I have used ewc or compost tea to wet down my sphagnum peat moss when adding my raw ingredients. There is a huge difference in how my soil cooks.

My first few batches of soil you could hardly tell they were cooking. With this method the microbiology had obviously been through the roof. I’m turning it every day and it is super hot when I do. I don’t have a compost thermometer, so I can’t give a report on exactly how hot it is.

The last couple of batches have had higher quality compost as well. Has anyone else tried this method?


Hey All,

I was mixing up some soil today and thought I would post up what I am running this year, not that it is proven per say but the components and rough ratios have not hurt anything ever and I am hoping for reasonable results! I should say that this is by no means a “just add water mix”, I expect to be further top dressing and amending but I’d like to think that this is a good starting point.

Pro Mix HP (@25% Total Volume)
Bluesky Organics Super Soil (@40% TV)
Worm Casting (@20% TV)
Canna Prepared Coir (@15% TV)
Pearlite 3-4L per 100L of prepared soil

Further Nutrients/Additives
Neem Cake 3/4 kg per 100L of prepared soil
Kelp Meal 1/4 kg per 100L of prepared soil
Bone Meal 1/4 kg per 100L of prepared soil
250g of Bio Char per 100L of prepared soil

I like this mix as Ph is pretty consistent, lots of diverse and beneficial contents, and it’s easy to mix and go as needed. Would love to be doing the no til or even living soil but currently this is widely available and effective unitl then :wink:


Haven’t been around in a while so figured I would drop in.

For amendments, I use and suggest any and all of these companies I’ve listed below.

Earth Safe Organics

Down to Earth

Build A Soil

Kelp 4 Less (they’ve got allll kinds of good stuff)

I love Mykos from Xtreme

This company’s silica is topppp notch. Plants are noticeably hardier.

Kelp meal, insect frass, Mykos, and harvest gold silica will always be in my soil mix.
IMO all make a huge difference in my soil mixes


Great idea. Really great. I have access to Alpaca poop. Similar to rabbit poop in many regards.


I’ve been using this for a few years. Two religiously. It makes a huge difference in plant health. They get a certain look to them when mycos is in the soil. More vibrant. I always use it in containers.


Mykos is still labeled Glomus Intraradices iirc but the new name is Rhizophagus Irregularis, and it’s the only fungus shown to interact with cannabis the way we want it to. Not to say that other species aren’t useful too.

I like to use mykos as a seed inoculate and the rest later on, because some other life forms, trichoderma iirc, tends to take over if they’re all at the same starting line.


That trichoderma. Is that the stuff that makes your pH take a nosedive? Happens real fast if you piss off the microlife. I have some beldi apollon at 3 days old. Should be plenty dry enough to send. I’m headed to the post office tomorrow for someone else hopefully that works for you

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Can’t find the proper study, but here’s one along the lines of what I was looking for.

The one I was looking for studied beneficials in common commercial mixes, and found that in their test the trichoderma outcompeted everything, instead of just the pathogens.

So i take that to mean if seeds are planted in a sterile media with the rhizophagus irregularis / glomus intraradices it can develop the relationship we want, in peace.
Then when transplanting from the solo cups, inoculate the new media with the broad spectrum of beneficials for all the environmental controls


This thread has been very useful as I get back into the game. I definitely stopped growing at the wrong time, about 13-14 years ago. The idea of a supersoil intrigues me, but that’s a lot of ingredients and time between mixing and using. I’m use to just mixing a Simple soil blend, just promix and some more perlite, vermiculite, and gardening lime. Then feeding using liquid fertilizers, either organic (Alaskan fish or Neptune) or chemical. Since I got into growing berries and peppers this year, I’ll have more reason to go completely organic and get all the associated fertilizers and techniques in my tool belt.


You can grow excellent plants in the ground using only the local soil, compost, blood meal, bone meal, kelp meal, and lime. And anything you can think of to add air into the soil , such as chopped up one ( or older) year old leaves.