Who plays video games?

Who plays video games? And what games do you play? I bought a gold ps4 when they were on sale and ive been playing a lot of it. Gtav is the main game i play, but i also like games like the evil within, ark, assassins creed, skyrim and fallout etc. If anyone has ps4 add me. Username is lotus-710

I still have a n64 from when i was a child. Thats always fun to fire up!


Retro only for me these days.
SEGA Master System ,NES, Genesis…
First-person / COD games are so real these days that they give me anxiety. I’ll admit, smoking sativa-dom. hybrids all day probably doesn’t help. :laughing: :scissors:

GTA5 was FUN when I first got it tho. Too addictive!


Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3. Plants vs Zombies with my little girl and also Star Wars Battlefront.


Play Grand theft auto or black ops when I’m high LOL!!!

You know even my black ops is player online LOL!

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Any Forza game for me :slight_smile:


I have been enjoying video games for a very long time now.

I originally got hooked around 1974 or so,
after smoking some good 'ol Columbian,
then playing pong on a table top set up with pitchers of beer in a bar in Bethlehem PA.

Video games and sativas; a match made in heaven!

I currently use my Xbox 360 and PS 3.
I have yet to upgrade to the new consoles.

Some of my recent favorites:

The last of Us
Forza Horizon
Far Cry 3
GTA series
Halo series
Fable series


I haven’t played in a while, bit I used to love to play Cod zombies on xbox 360. Many many 30+ round games.


Playing since I was 8 , after over 20 years of pc gaming i jumped over the evil PS4 side…
Actual favorites are : ride2, GT sport, Diablo III; past favorites are all the elder scrolls saga, dragon age saga, Ultima saga, all realistic driving games…


Total racing fanatic here. I have PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, and Nvidia Shield but mostly stick to PS4. Typically playing GT Sport right now on Wed and Sat nights just because that’s what my crew seems to be in to ATM. I also love some Dirt Rally and think it gets no better in VR mode. [Most who try it get sick and wanna quit day one]

If your a racer and want to hook up with a bunch of guys who race and pit to smoke up hit me in a PM and I’ll get you my gamer tag. None of us take it that serious, but we do race as clean as we can.

Outside of that, I stick to PSVR games as it’s just way too much fun.


Nice to see this thread get a bump!
Fallout new Vegas, fallout 4, oblivion, and skyrim.

Final fantasy 8, fallout new vegas, street fighter, and good old ninja gaiden series, are my all time favorites.
My hope is someday they give us an open world rpg style ninja gaiden.


I’m big on RPGs. Mostly a PC gamer though.

Final Fantasy 6j/3us is my all time favorite.

Currently getting into Overwatch.
Played World of Warcraft since beta… off and on since Wrath. I look back and can’t believe how much time I invested into that damn game. I ususally buy every expansion when it comes out, play for a month or two then quit again. Old habits die hard.

Don’t have any current gen consoles, still rocking a ps3. Would like to get a Switch at some point.


That’s the one with kefka as the final boss? If it is that one was simply excellent. If I’m not mistaken that’s the first ff villain to actually commit genocide.


Yes it is!

The story and gameplay was most excellent!


I got a ps4 and skyrim Vr not too long ago. It’s pretty badass. Been on a borderlands kick recently tho


Wifey still plays centipede. Wish i could find a tracball controller. COD black ops 2 online for me. Oldest guy on most lobbies also slowest. I find games like this fully engage a racing mind. Frantic action has a calming effect for me. Ive been a gamer since telepong came out in the 70s


i used to play in CS 1.6 / CZ leagues. world of warcraft, lineage 2, league of legends, dota, starcraft, day of defeat, CoD 1 to 4 (PC), team fortress, etc.

of course my first prob 5 years of PC gaming was a MUD. a completely text-based multiplayer RPG. PKing (pvp) was way better than any graphical games i’ve ever played.


What system you play black ops 2 on I’ve got it for ps3. Lol

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PC Gamer
AMD Build

I play:
Player Unknowns Battlegrounds
Don’t Starve Together
Planetary Annihilation Titans
Europa Universalis
Sniper Ghost Warrior


I played UFP mud,

For those that don’t know or never heard about it,

Star trek themed rom 2.4 based MuD

Played that since the days of Dial-up. They closed it quite some time ago, I keep hoping for a re-emergence lol.


i remember playing muds in highschool, even started writing one with some friends.