Old school arcade and pinball games. Who's got them?

Hey there OG. A number of years ago while my wife was working evenings I got bored. I was looking for ways to occupy some time and came across an old Donkey Kong sit down table top arcade game. It was cheap and broken but I though it would make a cool looking coffee table for the cottage. As a person who works in IT and has run a bench repair I find there is not much I cannot fix my self so I opened that DK up to see what was going on. That sparked a new hobby for me. I found myself going down the old nostalgia trail and buying up broken arcade games. Learned how to wire them, change them, repair their monitors etc. Still have 13 of them kicking around and wondered who else has them stashed in their rec rooms? Bring on the pics, let’s see them old school games so many of us pumped countless quarters into.


Perhaps you have the old table tops or Nintendo Game and Watch units?


Q*bert and Centipede… Too many hours and quarters… :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1: :beers:



Those were awesome. So many to choose from, you used to come out of a dark arcade with a suntan from the radiation, good times.


Asteroids and Defender were my arcade favorites, but I’ve loved pinball machines since I was a kid. Flashing lights and bells, what’s not to love? :grinning:


Galaga at the local bowling alley smoking section :slight_smile:


Played this a ton as a kid in the 90s old school pinball is awesome


Very cool, I remember Gorgar and his Fiery breath, lol. I believe that is a 1979 by Williams and was the first talking pinball made. They had it at a camp ground we used to go to so have spent my fair share of time in front of that machine listening to that heart beat that speeds up with game play. That’s awesome.


I miss arcade’s used to be a decent one up in tc about 10-12 years ago. Then they downsized and it’s a couple machines in a corner these days. Used to love playing CarnEvil and shit like Time Crisis etc, or like the old Area 51 games. Had a buddy who worked for a local vending company and they would hold parties at the shop/warehouse and we just smoke copious amounts of bud while drinking and playing the different arcade machines. Damn dude I haven’t thought about any of that in forever.


Nice. The middle cabinet in the first pic I rebuilt from the ground up and has all the arcade, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega, Pinball and Laser Disk games in it. I can play almost any game ever made on it, here is a cheesy video I made when I first put it together.


very cool thread.

I only have the video game systems I’ve owned since a kid.

i still have my: Commodore 64, Atari 2600, sega genesis, and all series of xbox and playstation.

my wife is on board with all my hobbies as long as one pays for the other.

someday I’ll sell all my comics and buy pinball machines.

I want 3
addams family
cirqus voltaire
space invaders (1979 bally)

I mentioned I put an offer in on an addams family, he called back and said no.

I hoped since his bar was closed due to covid lockdowns I could pry it off him.

he said he would sell his kids first.


We had an old pinball machine in the basement when I was a kid called ‘sky kings’ that my dad got somewhere.

It was annoying to keep putting quarters in and have to get them back out so his friend rigged it so you could touch two wires together and it would start the game. I got shocked like hundreds of times on that thing lol

Guns n roses pinball was my favorite out in the wild. Double dragon was probably my favorite arcade game.


One of my favorite places to get high and hangout is the Manitou Arcade. It is open air and has a classic feeling to it. Super cool place with lots of vintage games. These places are rare and going out of the business by the day. I sure hope this one stays around. It’s in a great area with a little bar in the front, and in a trendy part of town with cute girls all over.


That’s amazing, thanks for sharing. I could hang out there in total comfort.


Wow, that’s a collection! I wasn’t really into too many video games, but I did spend a bit of time in the arcades.


No bullshit, if you find yourself on the Front Range then you need to find time to spin by here. It is ten minutes from Garden of the Gods.

You won’t regret spending an afternoon here. The arcade doesn’t even close until ten in the summer! For any fan of vintage arcade games it is worth it. The owner is a collector who lets the public play all his games. It is amazing for anyone who appreciates something like that. The feelings of nostalgia that it brings up is worth the trip.


Pinball. One of my first habits.

Wow. Great collection you have @DougDawson


Thanks bud. I love the Pinball map, that’s really cool.

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my aunt and uncle had one of these in their kitchen most of my childhood logged a lot of hours on it

we have a pinball bar in STL went once unfortunately to hipster for my tastes but they did have nice machines


Very cool.