WIN FastBuds Wedding Cheese Cake from KillaBeez SeedBank - 2 Prizes Our #1 Autoflower

THANK YOU to Fastbuds who have kindly donated the prizes for this competition , Fastbuds will be sending special gift packs direct to the lucky winners . The prizes include 2 packets of FastBuds Cheese Cake Auto - 3 seeds . As usual you can enter on the other platforms listed on the main blog page - in total there are 12 prizes!

To Enter the competition - get stuck into our 7 active discussions. We welcome your participation!

Please discuss in the comments your views on out top 10 Auto-flower’s listed on the following link :

Top 10 Best New Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Winners will be Announced on the Main blog post - 20th December 2020 or thereabout’s , so please don’t forget to check back then!

Good Luck

KillaBeez Cannabis Seeds

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Purple punch autos are always awesome!

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I love free stuff.


The Blackberry strain looks amazing, would love to grow it. Thanks for the chance @killabeez-seedbank

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FastBuds Cheese Cake Auto I’d like to try it fingers crossed @killabeez-seedbank @killabeez-seedbank

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I enjoyed growing fastbuds purple lemonade this summer on the deck . Frosty and potent with a ton of crystals. Thanks for the chance killerbeez.


Thx so much @killabeez-seedbank and Fastbuds, BlackBerry and Weeding cheesecake sound awesome…
Cross fingers…

Direct me to your 9 discussions?

Did it, done it, I’m in it. Thanks again for such cool prizes. Would love to try.

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If you click this link the locations to enter are posted


Thank you for the opportunity!


Thanks for the opportunity for some nice beans :+1: :green_heart:
I love cheese cakr :drooling_face:
That top ten #4 sour melon looks nice :ok_hand: :drooling_face:


Thanks for the awesome chance at some great auto genetics…The BlackBerry auto looks like dinner and dessert in one.


Purple Punch Auto looks fabulous.


I need the blackberry auto one day!

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The Auto Afghan Mass XXL and Purple Punch auto look nice

Nothing faster than fastbuds!

Purple punch sounds nice.
Im gonna have to enter this one :point_up:.

FastBuds BLACKBERRY AUTO looks Super YUMMY,thanks for the chance.

Decent list, but the formatting went funky on my phone. I would suggest putting all the writing below the pictures in the future. Other than that, that Narco Purple looks crazy! Pic included, so you can see the formatting i see.

That blackberry auto looks yummy with all those colors,thanks for the chance.

Thanks to Killa :honeybee: seedbank and FastBuds for the opportunity.
Cool collection of Autoflowering strains. Haven’t grow autoflowering strains for many years, it looks like they almost caught up with photoperiodic strains. BLACKBERRY AUTO looks delicious.