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California’s very own Gelato strain is one of the latest fan favourites to hit the public cannabis seed market, and it’s hot, hot, hot! Now, you can get your fill of this new taste sensation after a mere 8 weeks while still achieving an outstanding THC level. The most experienced testers pushed this terpene-laden beauty well past the 28% THC mark, but even the hobbyists landed at the 20+% mark. With a short height, it’s a real indoor powerhouse that all can enjoy!

Gelato Auto’s sheer power is only surpassed by the breathtaking taste and smell that accompanies this uber-rich dessert strain. Imagine sweet sugar cookies tempered by the sharp bite of fresh orange zest sitting just below a cloud of subtle espresso notes. The fat, resin-swollen terpenes emit a rich, pungent smell that pops with bright notes of candied fruit wet or dried, turning into sensual pleasure when vaporized. This automatic Gelato is one to be savored, even though the yield is generous enough to make this your new everyday smoke!

Win Feminised Seeds Auto Gelato from Gorilla Seeds while you can!


We are giving away Feminised Seeds Auto Gelato - 5 seeds to each winner. Two prizes are available on this post! You can increase your chances of winning by entering the other promos on the on the main blog page .

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Thanks @GorillaSeeds , I have grown Gelato but not tried it as an Auto. I would love the chance. Merry Christmas. FYI, cannot access main blog page on laptop or phone. Support center and strain description page links work fine.


Thanks @GorillaSeeds for a chance to win some nice Autos :wink:

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Dayummm @GorillaSeeds look at that trich production :sunglasses:
Count me in thanks much !


I’ve never grown Gelato, or for that matter an auto before, so no experiences to tell. :slight_smile: I’ve had it from dispensaries and it’s nice… also quite a nice picture you’ve got there. I wouldn’t complain about a chance to try my hand at growing my own, if the dice come up in my favor. :wink:


Would absolutely love a chance to let you know the experience I would have with those beautiful seeds!
Merry Christmas!


I have never had the opportunity to grow the auto Gelato , but would like to try them

Merry Christmas @GorillaSeeds


I’m in @GorillaSeeds, I’ve never tried it but sure would like to give it a run! :evergreen_tree:


Thanks for the great giveaway @GorillaSeeds !!!

Gelato41 is a fave of mine, have never grown it as an auto however, just photos.


Merry Christmas @GorillaSeeds.

I have not grown any Gelato yet, nor have I had any interactions with Gorilla Seed Bank…

Let’s fix both of those in one shot and fly like 2 birds and 1 Stoner!


Nice looking plant there. I have not grown Auto Gelato, only normal Gelato. :+1:


Well, I don’t have any direct experience growing Auto Gelato, but here’s a moving image of me looking directly at the frosty image you provided at the head of this thread:

I don’t always Gelato, but when I do, I Gelato33 as follow:



I think it would be good marketing to call it gel-auto. You may use it for free :+1:


@GorillaSeeds I only have experience with photos. I’m on the surface about autos but would love to try one of yours. I heard finding the right auto genetics is much harder than photo and you guys have a good rep for them.

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Gel-auto has a nice ring. I have no experience cultivating gelato, but endless enthusiasm for consuming gelato.

Merry Christmas! :gorilla::banana:


Never grown any gelato @GorillaSeeds . Hoping this will be my first. Happy holidays @GorillaSeeds :christmas_tree:

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@GorillaSeeds never grown auto Gelato but loved the Gelato we have grown in the recent past. What an great opportunity! Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:

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Last time I grew an Auto it damped off on me.Never grew Gelato but I’ve smoked a shit ton of it thanks for the entry chance @GorillaSeeds that frosty pic is something I’d love in my growtent

@GorillaSeeds never had the opportunity to enjoy gelato, but always looking to expand my horizons! Would love the Auto Gelato

I also haven’t had any experience with auto gelato, but the description really makes me wish I had. :green_heart: Thanks for the opportunity @GorillaSeeds