Win Pineapple Chunk Seeds from Killabeez Seeds (Closed)


How to Enter

We have 3 Prizes in total to give away on this post .

To Enter please leave a comment below describing your most favourite cannabis genetics.

Winners will be announced on THE MAIN blog post around the 25th Match 2022 .

Rules – We can only ship to UK, Europe, USA & Canada & Australia. Please check the law in your own country before entering – please remember cannabis seeds are for given or sold for collection purposes only since germination of cannabis seeds is illegal is most counties .

The Killa
Killabeez Seeds


My favorite at this point has got to be BOG Sour Bubble. Found a little purple pheno that’s earthy and skunky with an amazing buzz. Thanks @killabeez-seedbank


My favorite variety is Cannabis. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I grew some pineapple chunk a few years back… Was quite the chunky plant … had a triploid thing going on and smelled deliciously of mango…

I’m in.


I love just about anything Bubba for the most part, thanks for the giveaway!


Peace. My all time favorite cannabis genetics have got to be most anything Bodhi is working on…lol. I appreciate his style, his humility and his desire to keep good genetics in circulation so that ppl like the great ppl here on OG can OVERGROW the GLOBE :fist:t5::call_me_hand:t5:. @killabeez-seedbank thank U for the opportunity. Be safe. :v:t5:


I second this and APPROVE THIS MSG…lol


For me it’s the Deathstar Strain, I have seen it’s crosses become prolific buds.
Pineapple Chunk is not one I’m familiar with, would be a pleasure to run and try.
Love the name “KillaBeez”, Great Promo


So far one of my favourite cannabis genetic’s i’ve grown has been Gelato 33 which turns out as frosty nuggets lining up a line heading skywards as if the Gods were fishing for clouds. :+1:

HOWEVER, the shown image of the Pineapple Chunk looks more akin to a baseball bat of deliciousness

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED @killabeez-seedbank ! :hugs: :metal:

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My favourite strains are anything kush. The first time I got some kush it was a smell I never got in my marijuana before and coincidentally it was around the time Dr.Dre released the song Kush. So me and my friends would be blazing and bumping that Kush. Great memories.

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My favorite Cannabis of all time is Texada Timewarp thank you for the chance to win @killabeez-seedbank


Thank you @killabeez-seedbank

My favourite strain is definitely purple kush, gotta love the taste and it’s a knockout

The first ‘bought seed’ I grew was Pineapple Chunk :sweat_smile:

As much as I liked the PC (still in my top 5) I think I’d put Sour Strawberry in 1st place now.



My recent favorite is Mango Thai. Unfortunately the person who grew it stopped because the yields were low. I loved the smell, taste and the head high.

Not sure of my favorite. Count me in

My favorite is Gorilla Glue, though I’m always looking for a new favorite. :wink:

My favorite is strawberry cheesecake. It was the first strain i grew and came out awesome.

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My favorite strains are Blue Dream and Herijuana bought at a dispensary in Denver a few years back.

My favorite strain is texada timewarp, because its a good classic stone that nice and nellow

My favorite is uk cheese. :yum: