2 240 watt led for a 4x4

Hey guys I decided to go for 2 240 watt boards from Amazon so 480 watts all together will thos be enough and how many autos will this cover?61tDKxCcdmL.AC_SY400

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I’ve got 2 of the HLG 260w XL’s in a 4x4 and they rock it, easily. 8 or 9 plants in 5 gal smartpots fit perfect unless you veg for over a month, so that many autos should be fine.

What is the real power draw of each unit ?


Based on the number 240, and the Meanwell drivers, I would say that’s the correct wattage. Probably draws about 250 from the wall. Two would fit. As far as autos, they tend to stay smaller. I would go with 3-gallon pots. Bet you could fit 9-16 in there easily.


Lights sound just about spot on.
The plant count depends entirely on the pot size, grow method and genetics. I can squish a grid of 7x7 pots to make a sog grow in a 2x2 But that’s 1L pots (or smaller) using a small strain and I have recently seen someone grow 1 auto in rdwc and it cover almost a 2x2 area.

Edit: what you need to know is the lights will fill your 4x4 with enough light for you to pack the area to the brim.