30%+ THC Strains

I’d looked at a compiled list of lab results (from a single lab) awhile ago. I’d thought this might be interesting:

Out of about 4K samples, only 9 of those had tested at >= 30% THC. Of those nine, three of them were from canna-cup samples. There were no obvious types of strains that were specific.

For total cannabinoids, however, about 200 of the samples showed total cannabinoids over 30%. The strains appear all over the place.

For instance, here is a small subset appearing in the >30% for total cannabinoids:

If we pick one such strain name “Tangie”, we’ll see a larger distribution ranging from ~19% - 33% total cannabinoids and THC ranging from 15% to 28%.

The dataset only goes by what names the producer enters so there is no real guarantee of the genetics. But, assuming they are accurate, there is quite a wide range perhaps partially depending on the grower and which phenos they happen to pick for testing.


Looks like chemdog brings the cannabinoids, idk what some of these strains are but atleast 25% of them contain chem in parents/grandparents. The white and cookies are also recuring…


I understand different phenos are going to have different percentages. I’m curious which cultivars can hit 30%. Lemonheads from Archive has tested above 30% for us. We also have a hybrid - want to say it’s Golden Goat x Wedding crashers that hit either 30% or real close. I heard SSDD can test 30+. Nice looking buds btw. :v:

Thanks Loki! That’s exactly what I was looking for. I’m just trying to get an idea of what might test high. It’s a lot of work growing the plants out and sending them in for testing. Any help selecting cultivars to try is much appreciated. We actually have several phenos of LA Kush Cake. Not sure we have harvested and tested any yet. :slight_smile:

Side note - Is there a difference between WiFi and White Fire Og? I always thought it was two names for the same cultivar?

Gotta love the gas! :slight_smile:


Here is a cut and paste of an expanded list 29.9%+ Total Cannabinoids (click on the images):

Some of which we can’t identify the strain (proprietary) also some could have also been manipulated in some manner or miscategorized.

On WiFi / White Fire OG, I can’t keep track anymore…

edit: also check out the following thread for graphs on the distribution across the entire dataset:


Ive seen tests of Sunshine #4 and mothersmilk from b that were around 30%, even better there are prolly some f2s floating around here if ya did some searching. Ive never had anything tested but most of the really crazy frosty stuff ive ran didnt yield great, but if you can get top dollar and fill rooms with it then it could be compensated for…


No difference, they are the same strain.


I’m pretty sure I read somewhere Dank Sinatra could hit 30%.

Wow! That’s awesome! Thank you Loki!

That doesn’t surprise me about the Mother’s Milk. And I wondered how the SSDD crossed were doing as far as THC. They sure do pack on the frost!

I thought they were. Thanks for verifying that. :wink:


So what WIFI OG is the 1, Looking at some WIFI 43 x Menthol seeds

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Damn still question the 30% number. To start, Margin of error is NEVER listed in the numbers. I’ve seen results (for concentrates) with a +/- 15% moe. In full disclosure, I am amateur tier grower and grow mids at best. But still hard to imagine taking 1 g of flower using spd and coming out w .3g of distillate


And if not all done at the same lab numbers will swing around a bit to…I think some numbers may be bought by less than ethical lab techs


I don’t have access to a lab for testing my flowers. The only way I’ve been able to gauge their cannabinoid % is by how much they return on my press, or QWET returns. I realize how flawed that logic is but it does give me at least some benchmark to go off. I use the same temp, pressure, timing, and bud humidity (62%) for all my pressings.

There have been only two strains I’ve ever grown that have had 30% or greater returns: Bodhi’s Black Triangle and @paintedfire420 GH99, which also has some 88G13/HP in it. I’ve pressed over 20 different strains now and those two still hold the heavyweight title. It’s a crude method but will have to suffice until I can get some legit testing done.


OMG how does n.e.1 decide , they all sound so tasty. A few + Decades ago when I was a young middle man lol there was well mostly hash coming in from Montreal. ( and AMAZING Jamacian Gum the real deal holly field of gum.) but when weed started to show up ( in Ottawa)
There was mainly the outdoors. Early girl, Early pearl any thing that was frost bitten and called " purple" lol and Freeze line, Free line… I called it freeze but I liked it, nice earth taste & buzzed better then it ever looked. Far as hydro all we really has was Northern, Skunk, NLXSKUNK. Red rooster and Shiskaberry. At first at least then strains started to roll in. and Old men would tell stories of lambs breath lol


Ya I’ve always wondered this too. So to clarify, when a strain is 30% THC that literally means that for a dried 1 gram bud .3 grams of the total weight is ALL THC?

It seems crazy to me, I’d be surprised if trichomes alone made up 30% of the weight of any given bud…


30% +/- generally refers to total cannabinoids (what is listed above).

There are very few samples that have shown computed THC at those levels (in the data that I have). Of the few that have, a large portion of those have been cup entries.

High potency doesn’t necessarily mean tasty. Although, there is probably some correlation between potency and quantity of terpenes. Get both taste and potency and you have a winner.


Your right! I kind of used the term loosely. Some of the strongest weed I’ve smoked was difficult to stand mouth wise and many of the milder weeds I have smoked were yummy. I had a some Tangerine Dream before winter great taste not that strong… although I have always liked my weed to taste a little dirty 4 sum reason.


I picked up Roid Rage v2 from Darkhorse Genetics after smoking some at the Cup and seeing the lab results. Lineage is (GMO x Bruce Banner) x (Kosher x OZ Kush) – big yields, pretty colors, and heavy hitting high. Supposed to be pretty consistent >30% strain.

I have two of them on week 7 of flower right now with a mom stashed away in the veg tent. I won’t be testing this run since it’s just part of my personal 12 but once the mom moves to the big grow we’ll be forced into testing her for compliance.


There aren’t many, if any, actual strains that top out at 30% or higher on a consistent basis… except for a few IBL lines and maybe tetraploid plants. Phenotypes, yes, but getting a consistent 30% with seeds is not something that is totally feasible.

I’ve personally grown many strains that had pheno’s that were at least 30% thc, in my time, but they were certain pheno’s from certain strains… not strains in general.

Keeping 30% pheno’s by way of proven clones, of course… those are usually ‘clone only’ strains though. All of us are “pheno hunters” searching for the best phenotypical representation of every strain we grow… and then clone it!

I’m waiting for the day when a pack of seeds will have a 30% or higher, THC guarantee on it. That’ll be the day.


Are these two different strains? Or are your trying to remember the name for freeze land which was popular biker grown weed from Quebec in the 90’s and flooded Ontario every October/November. Great smoke

Jamaican Gum and Gold Seal hash was amazing smoke. I loved all the 90s strains in S.Ont Early Pearl, Early Girl, Silver Pearl, Fast Freddy, Burmese Kush, RKS, ShiskaBerry, Rainbow Bud, Bikers Northern Lights, BC Purps. In about 97 Asian growers showed up in Southern Ontario and started selling wet rotten mouldy garbage M39 that undercut the prices hurting smaller skilled growers. Most of those strains dried up after that.


I fuckin HATE m39. It’s like the definition of ‘generic weed’.


Freezeland is still pretty popular in Quebec. Since way before I knew what weed was :stuck_out_tongue: I honestly miss the stuff. I only ever got it as outdoor but it was always insanely cheap and was way better than the shitty m39 you just mentioned. I’ve seen a few versions of it but the one I know is very fruity and piney big nugs. I’m actually going to pop some tahoe og x m39 in a month or 2 when my room frees up. I’ve always wanted to see what it was like not grown like crap. Male was from an original pack that only half the seeds popped.