Bodhi Time Bandit and Goji

Okay, since this is my first grow log here at overgrow, I’ll be a little more specific than I usually am in my grow logs at The Farm.

Soil: Coot’s Mix (1/3 peat, Agrowinn EWC and pumice, amended with crustacean, kelp, gypsum, neem etc etc). When I first mixed up my soil, about five years ago, I used Agrowinn earthworm castings and they were great. Never had an issue with fungus gnats or anything like that. I recycle my soil and after five or six runs, I sent in a sample for a soil analysis. Everything was still good except there were pretty high salt levels and it was recommended that I flush the soil, which would have required something like 175 gallons of water. In an effort to save water (and because I get bored kind of easily), I just decided to mix up an entire new batch of soil. Unfortunately, in the three years or so since I initially mixed up my soil, it became more difficult to source Agrowinn EWC so I used Bu’s Blend for the humus portion of my soil.

Now, I know most organic growers swear by Bu’s, but that shit was a serious fungus gnat magnet. Never had infestations like I did when I switched to the Bu’s. So after three runs with that mix and constantly battling fungus gnats (my last grow’s infestation was particularly bad) I tossed that soil mix and made up a new batch with the Agrowinn EWC again.

Unfortunately, I was in there watering this morning and saw three fungus gnats. I was able to kill all three, but I’m gonna be pissed if they come back again. The only other thing I can think of is that it’s because I have to leave my tent door open while the light’s on. I didn’t used to have to do that in our old house. I dunno…

Anyway, light: Apache AT600. It is absolutely the best LED on the market. Really expensive, yes, but so worth it.
I also saw that a grow store in AZ was having a sale on the Apache AT200, $200 cheaper than they usually sell for, so I ordered one about a month ago and just hooked it up this morning. Pretty stoked about it.

Uhhhhh, let’s see, what else…? Tent is a 5 x 5 Green Qube, which I only ordered because it has a weight capacity of 200 pounds. The AT600 weighs 65 pounds, so I figured I ought to get a tent where if I hang something else besides what’s already hanging in there (like my second light, for example) I never have to worry about, like,“Oh shit, I wonder if what I’m about to hang will make the entire tent collapse…”

6" exhaust fan
6" x 24" carbon filter
Passive intake (although I’m not sure how “passive” an open tent door is haha)
7 gallon air pots

I was planning on switching to no-till starting with this grow, ordered thirty gallon air pots and a 4x4 hydro tray thing to put them in, loaded up on all of the extra amendments I’d need and bought extra bags of pumice and was all set to do it and then I chickened out. I dunno why. Well, one of the reasons is that I start from seed every time, I don’t keep mother plants or anything like that, and it just seemed like a pain in the ass to do no-till with seeds. The way I usually grow is I start the seeds in those little 3 inch containers. Takes about a month before they’re ready to transplant, at which point I put them in half-gallon containers, which take about two or three weeks before the roots fill those and the plants are ready to go into their final flowering container. But in my mind, it felt like it kind of defeats the purpose of no-till, digging a big ol’ hole in the dirt to plant a half-gallon container into. I dunno. Maybe I’m wrong.

I do have a 3x3 tent that I use for hanging my plants in after chop that I’m going to convert into a veg/mother tent here pretty soon. I have everything I need, the light, the carbon filter and fan. It’s just a matter of me getting up off of my lazy ass and doing it haha. I may actually do it today, since I’m feeling so motivated and all. Once I get that up and running, I’ll probably switch to no-till.

Anyway… Okay, the grow. I’ve been in a bean-buying frenzy the past couple months so I decided I ought to grow at least some of my old stock before the new beans got here, hence the reason I’m growing Goji. I’ve grown it before, four or five years ago. Bought two packs at the same time and popped one whole pack the first time I grew it, but I only got two females that round. I know a lot of people went crazy for Goji when it first came out, but I wasn’t crazy about mine. It was good weed for sure, but it wasn’t how a lot of people were making it out to be. At least, IMO. The good news is that the Gojis I have growing now are VERY different from the ones I grew the first time, so hopefully they’ll smoke differently, too.

Here they are at day 59 of veg, which was five days ago:

Goji #3


Goji #9

See how they all have that crinkly-leaf thing going on? The Gojis I ran before didn’t have that. They also didn’t have those big ol’ fat fan leaves. One of them had kind of fat leaves, but not quite like that. And the other had these really thin Sativa-esque leaves but it didn’t stretch at all in flower. Really weird. Anyway, I’m pretty stoked about these

I actually wasn’t planning on running any Time Bandits this time around when I started this grow. I initially was just gonna do the Gojis and the last six seeds of some Tangerine Kush freebies I got years ago (ran it once before and it turned out really, really good). But three of the Tangerine Kushes didn’t germinate and two of the Gojis didn’t either, so I started seven Time Bandits 7-10 days after everything else (all three Tangerine Kushes that made it turned out male, which is why they’re not being included in this report).

Just a note about the Time Bandits if you’re planning on growing any: they vegged reeeealllyyyyy slowly for the first month or so. Slowest vegging plants I’ve ever grown, actually. I was really considering tossing them around week five, just because they looked so scrawny. But I watered them with a compost tea and then some BioAg TM7 and aloe a week after the ACT and they took off. Glad I kept them around for sure.

Time Bandit #2

Time Bandit #3 (not sure why this pics looks like I took it underwater)

Time Bandit #4 (my favorite)

Time Bandit #6

Time Bandit #7

#1 and #5 turned out male, which is why they’re not in this grow log haha. I should also note that #2, #3 and #4 were planted a week after the Gojis. The #6 was planted nine days after the Gojis and the #7 was planted a day later.

Sooooo… Yeah. I’m on day 64 of veg today. I haven’t decided when exactly I’m gonna flip, but it’ll be soon. No later than a week from today and probably sooner than that. I only transplanted them into those seven gallon containers one week ago today and I typically wait two weeks after transplant to initiate flower. But I’m pretty eager to get these going and finished up while it’s still summer time haha. Plus, like I said, I just received a shitload of new beans, pretty eager to get into those as well.

I’ll update on day one of flower, whenever that is…


Good luck!!!
May your buds be frosty and chunky


Nice write-up! Pulling up a chair on this one for sure ^^


Cool…another organic grow journal. I’m on board!


Nice write up. Lots of good information in there. I have my seat for the show.


Oh yeah. 100% organic, always.


Yeah, I try to put as much info re: the strains I’m growing as possible. I can’t stand grow logs that are thin on info/pics or the grow logs that just fizzle out and never reach the smoke report. Matter of fact, I was just googling grow reports for some of the beans I recently ordered and the grow reports (if you wanna call them that) SUCKED. I clicked on them, read a few posts and was just like,”Yaaarrrggghhh!” haha. Zero info. Most of them were,”Anybody ever grown (insert name here)?” haha. Guess I’ll just have to grow them all out and document them myself…


I agree. They also want to put a bunch of pictures and that is all they have. No substance. I am in my first grow, but I am documenting everything. Trying different soil mixtures. Growing out the twins I got from the seeds. I learn so much from many of the logs on here. Both the writing style and the information. I appreciate your write up. Learned a thing or two there too.


Pictures I can deal with. It’s those threads that are titled with the strain name and then when you click on them it’s just a bunch of questions about the strain and no info at all except,”Yeah, I’ve grown it, turned out good.” haha! At least with pics, I can get some idea of what to expect.

What kind of soil mixes are you experimenting with? If you don’t mind, I’d like to make a suggestion. Mix up some of the Coot’s mix and never look back. Forget bagged soils or any of that stuff. Coot’s mix you can just keep using over and over again, with maybe a re-amend here and there every other grow or so. Plus, you know exactly what’s in your soil and at what ratios.

Do you have a log here? I’ll follow along for sure.


I do have one. It is Beginning grower trying outdoors. I will absolutely try it. I am all about learning. I have some plants in our own compost soil. Some are mixed compost and MG Performance. Some just MG. Some in Fox Farm. Everything is numbered and I keep an excel spread sheet of everything. I also have a word document log for myself. I like to learn and experiment. I will try indoors soon. Getting equipment together.


Love it! Love that organization! I’m super-OCD when it comes to how I organize everything. But when it comes to my grows, I’m just like,”Pssshhhh… Whatever.” haha. I dunno why. I’m just not one to fuss too much over my plants. Yellow leaf here and there? Whatever. Should I defoliate a little bit? Nah. No way. I’m a big believer in just letting the plants do their thing. But when it comes to where all of my grow related things are (seeds, backup fans and timers (just in case!), malted barley and extra hangers etc etc etc)), I don’t wanna be digging through a box full of stuff to find it. Being organized is a good thing haha.


Lol…sound like me. I know where all the shit I need is, the stuff in case of is at. I just hate when my wife borrows something for her garden.


Pulling up a chair right now… im in the for the show!!


Here for the ride. Thanks for being so informative. I have learned a lot just from reading grow logs.


Yeah, I try to be as informative as possible, especially when it comes to Bodhi’s crosses. There’s just so little good info out there about the majority of his stuff. And most breeder’s stuff, to be honest. But particularly with Bodhi, who has just sooooo many crosses. Things like Goji, Sunshine Daydream etc there’s plenty of info (yeah, yeah, this is a Goji log haha), but there’s not a lot of documented grows of the majority of his stuff. My first four or five years of growing, I actually made it a point to grow his less-documented stuff (Tree of Life, Larry Lotus, the Apollo 11f4, Goldstar f4, Pinball Wizard and on and on), both because there weren’t any grows of those online and also because they just sounded like really good weed haha.

Having said that, when it comes to growing, I dunno what I’m doing haha! Seriously, though, I just plant my seeds and hope for the best haha…


They seem to like that best when they are outside. Water and try to stay out of natures way.


Inside, too! As long as your soil’s all good, the plants’ll be fine, no matter if they’re outdoors or indoors. I’ll water with some coconut and aloe here, some fulvic acid and a malted barley top dress there, but I definitely don’t have a “watering regimen” or anything like that. It’s more like when I think about it, like,”Oh yeah! I should water with some coconut today!” haha. I tried a full-on schedule once and it fried my plants.

Less is more. For cannabis especially.


Everyone says that. I try to follow that theory. However, sometimes we have to learn by our mistakes. I just hate making them…lol


Okay, so I switched to 11.5/12.5 yesterday, took these pics this morning after watering, so they’re basically day 1 of flowering. Let’s see how much they stretch. I think a couple of them are gonna end up pretty huge.

Time Bandit #2

Time Bandit #3

Time Bandit #4 (I topped this one twice, which I never do; usually just top once)

Time Bandit #6

I really don’t expect the Time Bandits to stretch too too much, just because of the genetics. So we’ll see.

And here are the Gojis:

Goji #3 (I also topped this one twice)

Goji #5

Goji #9 (topped this one twice, too)

So, yeah, finally flipped these. That was a long-ass veg for sure haha. I expect the canopy to be pretty uneven, just because some plants were topped once, some were topped twice and also just because I think the Gojis and the Time Bandits are gonna grow pretty differently. But I’ve never really worried about having an even canopy. If I need to, I’ll just tie some down or put the shorter ones on buckets or something. There’s always a solution…

Also gotta say that I saw a few more fucking fungus gnats today. I can’t even believe it. I have no idea how they’re getting there, why they’re showing up, it’s driving me fucking NUTS. Right after I got done watering, I ordered some mosquito bits (which I’ve never used), some yellow sticky traps and some diatomaceous earth. I’m not fucking around this time, I’m gonna kill these fuckers ASAP.

Let’s see, what else…? Oh, a few days ago I watered with some OG Biowar, both the Roots and the Foliar packs. If y’all haven’t used OG Biowar before, it is the best inoculant around for sure. I used it for a few years and then my local hydro store stopped carrying it and it was kind of expensive to order from their website, so I switched to BioAg Vam fo a few grows and I really think I could see a difference between the two. The BioAg was just,“Eh…” but every time I water with OG Biowar, I feel like the plants just explode and look so healthy the day after I use it. I also found a coupon for their website that knocks almost 50% off the price, which makes it way more worth it. But I’d pay the full price for it if I had to. The coupon code is “farmer” in case you’re interested.

So, yeah, flower day 2. I’ll take some more pics in a week or so, after the stretch has begum in earnest.


S.f nematodes for fungus gnats…