600W HPS,150x90, 2x Amazon 116, Reverse Osmosis + Jungle in Da Box, Big Bud

Hi all,

I was asked to put here some my older grow report in Coco but i think this is more interesting.

Setup is:

DarkRoom II 150x90x200 cm
2x Amazon 116
600W ballast with regulation (400-660W)
Lumatek 600W HPS Dual Spectrum
Adjust-A-Wing Large - using without heat shield, maximum width
Prima Klima 125 MES II 220/360 m3/h + Silencer
Fanline Boxfan
Hygro/Thermo meter with probe
pH + EC meter from Essentials
Rverse Osmosis UST-M RO3 75GPD
Fertilizers Jungle in Da Box (manufacturer preffer using with reverse osmosis water for the best results)

So, I didnt take photos during the veg. period, because its only 5 days till i switch to 12/12 period. In the beginning i had problem with water (i didnt use osmosis for a while and water flow was like 10l for 3,5 hour instead of 10l for 45 minutes) so i had to mix it with my water tap water, which is really hard. pH was crazy from 6,1 to the 7,2 after 8-10 hours. EC was 1,3 according to manufacturer shedule mix (he also tell you have to use only 1/3 dose to the aero systems, but i thought it was bullshit - EC would be around 0,6 because RO water have EC 0. So I decided go for full round by the manufacturer full shedule fertilizing. If i look back, next time i will fertilize to 1,0 EC in veg.
Humidity during veg was about 50-60%, i didnt use moister - i dont have space for it. Temperature during day period 22-26 Celsius, during night 19-20.

First photo taken was from 3. day of 12/12 period. Fertilizing coctail was 24 A, 16 M, 8 B ml/10l. Amazons was planted 31/32 pieces if Big Bud clones.


Day 8 of 12/12

Still veg. fertilizing mix - 24 A, 16 M, 8 B ml/10l. in this fase of grow i have to refill with 10l of water per system for about 3-4 days.

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Day 21. 12/12

EC 1,9 pH 6,1

fert. mix - A 10, M 20, B 30 X 10 ml/10l

Jungle X smell really organic, like FishMix from BioBizz. I was little feared i pour something organic to the tank and jam with it sprayers.


The 30. 12/12

pH 6,0 EC 2,0 - 2,1

After about 2-3 days i have to refill 10l of bloom fert. mix, same like in the 21. 12/12.
I have to refill with clear osmosis water too sometime to take down EC to the required numbers.

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The 36. 12/12

pH 6,0 - 6,1 EC 2,0 - 2,2

fertilizing the same as last time + i have to refill with clear water more often

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The 41. 12/12

bloom fert. mix + clear water

pH 6,0 - 6,1 EC 2,0 - 2,1

Buds getting harder and harder.

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The 48. 12/12

iam getting problem with pH, where fertilizers are autocorrecting pH to the 6,1 if used with osmosis water. Till day ± 45. no problem, pH still around 6,0 - 6,1 but now it drops in left system to 5,3 and right system 5,8. I dont know why this change because i didnt use anything else than fertilizers and osmosis water. Wierd.

in this phase i stop refilling fertilizers and only pouring clear osmosis water.

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The 49. 12/12

unplanned update, because i realize i get from my friend whiteflies and they multiply very fast. So i decided i already shut down lights for 1-2 days and then cut them off and hang

Buds getting about 1/4 brown so it was not problem at all.


So, yesterday i have finally time to cut them and hang.

Final time was 5 days of veg. and 49 days of bloom.

I apologize for any grammatical errors in text.


So finally here is final result - 562g. I’m happy with the result. Due to problems at the beginning and at the end it went well at all. But still of course i have some growing reserves to improve

Bud on the picture have 7,6g. Iam very satisfied with bud quality. Hardest buds i ever had.


Excellent Grow, Keen! I’m surprised no-one bumped this one. Very nice and uniform.

I have some experiences with aero too… (Look at my threads)

I’ve found this video of Amazon 116 internal workings…

Does the sprayer get clogged sometimes? What maintenance does it require? I’ve found my RainForest practically trouble free.

What about Reverse Osmosis, does it work as planned? Resulting EC should be zero, but what is your tap water EC? Luckily I’ve got good water practically everytime with EC of tap water never exceeding 0.2 and pH 7. So the only need for me was to take pH down with acid.

I agree that you have to find your own way with EC, because there are different systems and different strains have different needs. Also you shouldn’t overdo it or it will affect the taste of final product. Proper flush (at least for a week) is also something recommended.

Proper humidity is a key (same with fresh air), very informational topic posted @crazyben here - Vapor Pressure Deficit

I’ve got a question… I’m not so much fond of regulated ballasts. Have you found any advantages?

Thanks for liking all so far.

I tried Amazon with different fertilizers and with and without osmosis.

RO works absolutly great, this is cheapest one wich i bought for 50 dollars. Except the price the biggest advantage is large water flow per hour - 75 galons. Works absolutely great as it have - EC 0,0.

Best fertilizers for usage imho are Jingle in Da Box. Its pH stable and after using with RO water autocorrect pH to 6,0-6,1.
With JiDB i have no problems with plugging springles with soil. With other fertilizers i used i have to add ATA Clean to not get plugged springles. On otherside Jungle X booster is pretty messy for the system and iam not sure about its real power.

Amazon at all is really trouble free too :slight_smile: biggest problem is in temperature in tank, wich is problem mainly at the start where lamp light straight on system.

EC was not ideal this time - i think on grow about 0,8 a 0,9 and bloom 1,6 a 1,7 will be perfect.

To be honest i have same results on oldschool gib pro vt 600w ballast as on this “new” with regulation. For me is the main reason safety and cooling. And maxbe placebo effect 60W more light power :))

With humudity i have problem mainly at start - i dont have room for moister :confused: i have to work on this for future grow.

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