630 CMH 4x4 Pheno hunt.

Hey everyone! I’m new to overgrow and this is my first post. I wanted to share my pheno hunt with everyone that I’ve been working on. I’ll share more information as the post progresses if there’s interest or activity. 4x4 Secret Jardin Tent, five gallon grow bags. Sunshine mix #4 amended with terp tea veg dry nutrient from roots organic, dolomite lime, earthworm castings and mother earth #3 perilite. Currently feeding advanced nutrients and weekly terp tea that I aerate.

strains that I’m pheno hunting are
From Ethos genetics.


Welcome to Overgrow!

Nice tent, love a CMH.
What Ethos gear are you running?

Hey thank you, I appreciate it. I’m running a couple
Of things that I’ve not gotten the lineage on from them yet, but strain names are Grape Zotts and Cherry Banger. I’m also running an OG Kush Bx5 they sent me and one that’s being released this year called End game. It’s an ethos cookies #16, mandarin sunset cross that I’m getting some
Really nice smells from so far. Hopefully they let me know what’s in the Grape Zotts and Cherry banger before I harvest them haha.


OG Kush Bx5 is the hardest to keep level with the canopy. I’ve bent her tallest branches down and after three nights they’re finally staying down. This picture is before this took place. I’ll take a picture of the two bent branches in a few weeks when they have lots of pistils.


Two pictures from the beginning of the process. I love sunshine mix #4 compared to the mix I was using when I started these plants. I used moonshine from batch 64 for my last four grows with very great success but the soilless sunshine mix #4 is making wish I started using it ten years ago. frosty lilac OG BX1 from ethos grown in moonshine from batch 64 fed with general hydroponics under my 630 Cmh


Very Nice My Friend :slight_smile: thanks for sharing your work super frosty

all the best in you grows

make seeds and share them



Nice setup, selections, and plan. I’m interested in the results. :beers:

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That’s my end game for sure! I’ll be using colloidal silver on the clones from plants I like this round of flower.

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Yeah thank you! I’ll keep posting as I make progress. The selection process has been long and it’s not how I’m used to growing. Three months of light bills and no flowers haha.


Great that you’re documenting this thoroughly.


Taking good notes everyday and excessive pictures. Everything in flower has been cloned three times as well. I’m set! Haha

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@Hydrohabits That is good of you that is why I post all the crap I do in mine if it

helps one grower then it is worth the time :slight_smile:

also give me a place to search if need be :wink: as I do forget what I am doing at times

could be the drugs

thanks for sharing I will be blowing thru a couple hundred beans outside this

year looking for something

make seeds and sure them



Yeah absolutely my friend. Keep me posted on anything interesting you find.

I plan on doing some very interesting things with this little lady right here, it’s my favorite End Game I have. Also just scored some GMO Zkittlez X Runtz beans from ethos.


any chance you have iInzane in the membrane?


Getting into week two of flower. Had to kill a single feminized purple aliens because it was already turning into a hermi.

bottom leafs on that Grape Zotts looks funky because this is a panoramic picture I took with my IPhone :sweat_smile:


OG Kush Bx5 I bent to attempt and keep my canopy even. She wanted to stretch a lot more than anything else in the tent.


RIP to my perfect cuts. Mourning today. Fuck the police.


Noooooo sad to hear bro. RIP


my thoughts also :slight_smile:

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Way too many drive bys lately. Could have nothing to do with me but better safe than sorry. Got rid of mature plants and clones. At legal limit lol.

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