Hemp with a little something different

Hello got some of the same stuff going on. I have some new wings this morning.

White Widow and gold leaf. ![image|375x500]a good company.(upload://uYvqNcgWoemLjLwSEz1kZcz2XDY.jpeg) one GSC and the restate White Widow. Seeds form @Automatik Chitownseeds.com and @lefthandseeds I do have a page for lefthand going right now


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image I’m liking this tent. Nice price. * CLOUDLAB 844, ADVANCE GROW TENT 4X4, 2000D DIAMOND MYLAR CANVAS, 48" X 48" X 80" * Features durable frame that uses 50% thicker steel poles and carries 2x more weight than standard grow tents.


Looking beautiful my friend!

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How is your grow going?

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I have a few freebies for you if you want. Autos.


I am seeing a few deficiencies but I’m hoping that it will work out. I haven’t been pushing on too hard at all. I’m actually half strength on everything but mag-cal potassium and iron. I’m sorry I have not ran a PPM yet I do not believe I have pushed them hard enough to even be worrying about that at all. I do not want my girls turning into boys so I will be keeping everything at a low KISS level. That means keep it simple. I think I need to get some great white. Something a little bit more with a kick for mag- cal. I have growers tell me that is for hydroponics I’ve used it in the soil before. I’m not digging the earth juice.


Anyone have any suggestions on a good mag-cal?

I have been using Cal Magic. It works well for me.


Thanks Mo I’ll check it out.

@MoBilly I have seen it how do you like that brand of nutrition

image The numbers are kind of low. You get that at Walmart?

I love the nutrients I am using right now. The plants seem to respond well to them. I’m using the “trio” (Big bloom, Big bud and Tiger Bloom). They work great.
But for Calcium, I use Cal Magic and Epson salts alternately, every watering.


Thanks I use about the same. Do you have salt I have never used it

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I did some research on that tent before I bought mine. It is a beautiful tent and gets good reviews if I remember right. I opted for a different tent because I needed an 8’ height.

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You have to have the 80’. How do you like it @MyrtleGrounds ? Did you go to the festival?

Which one did you get?

Amazon.com: JungleA Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Home Plant Growing (48"x48"x80"): Kitchen & Dining Seen this one . It looks cheap.

Good memory - the festival is tomorrow!
I needed a 2x4x8 and was only able to find that size by buying a Gorilla Grow Tent (Long story, I don’t endorse GGT, I have been very disappointed with there lack of customer service.) Anyway, I’m sure the Cloudlab tent would be a solid tent.

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I use this. We bought it through Amazon because it is cheaper. It works fine in my opinion. And yes, I use Epson salts at 1/2 teaspoon per gal every other watering and CaliMAGic every other time.